Sunday, August 11, 2013

Wherein I Begin and End in Different Languages

Zut alors. Still sewing the fucking dog's breakfast of a latest prototype (did I mention I've managed to spend another 200 bucks on bra supplies during the last month?) and, this time, I suspect it's gonna be too small.

Well, at least we're moving in a new direction.

Version 5 of the upper cup most definitely did not work. I know cuz I tried it twice before I went back to redrafting the 6th version of the upper cup (which I do have a lot to say about). I think it's the right shape, but I cut it slightly too small. It took me all of last night to envision exactly how I could cut it larger (without recreating the original problem). Now we'll see if I've called that right. I suppose that'll be version 7.

In brief, version 6 does attach the upper cup to the strap - everyone's preferred bust-lifting technique. Here's hoping I can sew through all of those layers when I'm attaching the straps! Don't worry, I've got the hammer out.

I'm going to be honest. I've got one more kick at this can and then it's back to the cupboard for the bra sewing supplies. I spend every waking minute (when I'm not managing my job which is currently through-the-roof busy) thinking about bra making and it's getting old. I know I've made strides, but the only stride I care about at this point is a fucking bra that fits and lifts and supports. This is once again verging on a miserable experience so, one more go and basta.


  1. Oh no! My fingers are still crossed for you and version 6.0!

  2. Good luck!!!! One day your bewbs will thank you for all your hard work!

  3. Well MERDE! I can appreciate where you are at as it's frustrating to put so much in and get so little out. Fingers crossed for version 7. But wine, woman, WINE!

  4. Oh, thank you my lovely friends! Jodie - you called it. There is much booze in my aft. (See next post - all did not go so well, alas). xo