Saturday, August 3, 2013

Brief Bra Update

Updated as of 5:00 pm: Still in process peeps. I've got to the point of sewing the channeling on, but it took 5 hrs and I am too tired to go on today. I don't want to mess this thing up, simply because I'm too impatient to wait till I have energy. I'm quite happy - I mean, not miserable - with how things stand so far. I did have to recut/resew the bridge (centre gore) because I went ridic narrow and I couldn't actually attach the cups to it. I also messed up one side of the band - accidentally I sewed the channeling and the picot onto the right side (should have sewn them onto the wrong side), so I had to undo a lot of zig zag stitches and conduct some surgery. All seems to have worked, so no harm done. But it was so irritating - esp. as I had worked so actively to avoid the very outcome I was faced with.

Whatevs, I'm in it for the long haul. Now off to drink some wine and eat burgers made of pork, beef and bison. Oh, I'm looking forward to dinner...


My friends, today is the day to sew the beige bra (that which is so necessary, aka otherwise absent, in one's current wardrobe). Having refined the last version to reflect necessary pattern adjustments, I've spent about 90 minutes this morning prepping:
  • Choosing the thread shade and getting the machine prepped
  • Determining how best to stabilize the lace upper cup and the band
  • Adhering fabric layers together with fabric spray glue
  • Cutting out the pieces
  • Cutting the boning
  • Choosing the widths and shades of beige picot
Now it's time to dig in.

Don't know how it's going to go but I'm as pessimistic as I can manage.

A few random things, which are somewhat associated:
  • I just rejoined the Toronto Public Library (I had a fight with them 13 yrs ago but it's time for bygones) and it's fucking awesome! TPL, you have done well getting with the digital age... I've taken out 3 ebooks, 2 real books, a bunch of current emagazines and put tons of things on hold. Two of the books are about lingerie sewing. Three of the mags are current knitting issues and I've got a bunch of new patterns for free! Egad, it's my tax dollars at work and I love it.
  • I am only just beginning to turn my brain cells to the idea that I might need to find a knickers pattern, if this bra (by some unlikely miracle) ends up being wearable. I'm thinking of this one. Sure I could draft a pattern based on undies from my own stash, but that one's kind of cute...
  • It occurs to me that I might want to pick up my half-knit Guernsey Shawl, just for kicks, and see if I can bear the monotony. Just goes to show that beautifully written patterns, which yield beautiful results, can still be a massive yawn.
More later.


  1. Good luck - hope it goes well. I've "house/yard" stuff today but am sewing tomorrow (fingers crossed).
    I'm a big fan of libraries, but have the BEST TPL story.
    So...grew up in a teeny tiny Ontario town (I was a teenager in the late 80's). Spent a school year going to school at the Ontario Science Centre. Was doing some school research at a library branch and wanted to use the card catalogue cards (subject ones) to do some looking up. Shocked the hell out of the librarian when I asked where they were (the basement) and she was even more surprised when I described what I wanted to do (narrow down a subject and find books/resources on it). Apparently my small town library was in the dark I got to learn all about the "new" computer CD system! And I'm sure I gave that librarian and the staff something to chat about. I'm amazed that I really had no idea at 16 yrs that things might be different somewhere else!
    I love sewing knickers, but find my best pattern is one I traced off a pair I really liked. Have you tried Melissa's pattern? It's a free's the link - lacey thong pattern:
    Have a good long weekend!

    1. Ha! I love this story :-) I haven't tried Melissa's pattern yet cuz I've vowed not to make undies till I have a bra that fits. I know, cutting off my nose...

  2. I have's going to be lovely.

  3. Fingers and toes crossed for you!!! (Sorry if this posts twice. The internet seems to be having a bad hair day at casa clio.)

  4. Sending cautious good luck your way! And I love the public library. Ours is in tiny town, USA, but they have an amazing inter-library loan program so that I can get pretty much anything I want. And they do offer eBooks, but the selection isn't very big as yet, so I haven't bothered to buy an eReader.

    As for knickers, I think Jalie has a pattern for them with a couple of style variations, you might want to look into it as well, in case you get bored with the one from OhhhLulu. Kwik Sew has one that I like, but it's a fairly plain jane pattern, so may not appeal to you as much.

    1. That's it! Cautious luck! Love that...

      The ebooks section of our library is pretty fulsome (though nothing on the real books). I was amazed by how many current mags there are...

      I must check out the Jalie patterns. I do have a Kwik sew one (I think). Never made it.

  5. good luck with the bra sewing! and love the public library system (here in mass, proudly called the FREE public library...). i rediscovered it when i needed a place to hang out with the kiddos--it's their favorite place to go!

    1. Thanks Lisa! I do love a library that flaunts its freeness ;-) My kid does go to the library but she's more of a "use mummy's card to buy an ebook from Indigo" kid). Now that I know what's available, we're gonna be having a talk.

  6. I grew up in TO and practically lived at my local branch library. Now, I'm in York Region and pay for a TPL "non-resident" membership - $25 every 3 months. I don't buy books or magazines anymore - the library even has Vogue Patterns Magazine - so Chapters loss is my gain! If you like sewing with background music try the library link to Naxos Music Online. It's not just classical music; check out the Genre tab on the home page.

    I have to sew with background music that I can't sing along with, which is a good thing for my family! Good luck with the bra sewing.

    1. I didn't know that you have to pay for a membership if you are out of district. Fascinating. I have to go check out the in-library magazine selection. So far I've only been looking online. And thank you for the link to the music! I do like sewing to music!