Sunday, August 4, 2013

I Haven't Got the Mojo Left to Come Up with a Good Title

In case you're wondering, the torment continues. And by torment I mean sewing this fucking bra.

Um, whomever says you can make a nice bra in an hour obviously isn't concurrently refining elements of the pattern, having difficulties with machine tension and sewing through all the layers of fabric at the strap ends, fucking up straps in other ways, having general problems sewing and being vaguely paranoid about everything as it can all go to hell in 5 minute. Did I mention I suspect this upper cup will also be too big - and I've removed a reasonable amount of volume already.

I have to tell you, I loathe this process after one gets to the point of finishing with the the channeling (which, weirdly, I don't mind at all). The straps are a misery.

I feel this whole thing is stuck together with toothpicks and spit.

Next time you put on your RTW bra with nary a thought for your strap stability and placement - well, you'll have nary a thought so be grateful while you read this.

A bra is totally worth 100 bucks, retail, IMO (if not more), regardless of what the marketplace will bear.

I will have spent, um, 13 hours on this thing by the time it's done and I already hate it.

The end. (Except wait for pics of the bra and more info about fit and, potentially but hopefully not, more ranting.)

In the meanwhile, look at this hand-sewn bra eye candy.

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