Saturday, March 9, 2013

In Which I Confess to Ennui

Peeps, you may have noticed I've been less constant than usual in my posting. I've also been less crafty. It's not that I'm not feeling creative. It's just that I'm unmotivated, frankly. At the risk of descending into broken record status, I'm so very tired.

This doesn't worry me. I mean, I've lived with these circadian ebbs and flows, lo these many years. I'm still getting over the dregs of pretty horrible sickness. It just doesn't make me the best company.

For example, it's noon and I've done nothing today. No yoga. No knitting. No sewing. No jacket planning. No cooking (and I'm having people over tonight). No prep for that dinner.  It's the most gorgeous day we've seen in 3 months (8 degrees and sunny) and I'm watching reruns of Law and Order: Criminal Intent. Episodes I've seen.

It's like my head is full of clouds.

I want to tell you about the experience I'm having with the Guernsey Triangle shawl (beautiful pattern, satisfying and easy all at the same time) and the yarn I'm using (weird but not bad). I'm just not up to it today.

In the meanwhile, please have a look at the fraction of a shawl I've knit this week. None of it in the last 4 days, mind you...

Pretty, yes?


  1. I have days like this too, days I'd rather curl up and read a good book or stare mindlessly at the computer. In fact, I've had it for the past 2 weeks and just gotten over it the past couple of days or so. It'll pass, and you'll be back to doing all that stuff in no time! :-) The shawl looks like it will be lovely. :-)

    BTW, thanks for the tip on the french darts, I'm off to learn how to make them! :-)

  2. The shawl is looking good. Sorry you are feeling the enui. I get it off and on . I just can't explain why some days I can get less than the minimum accomplished and others I have all the steam to do multiple projects. I think you need to go with the flow and not beat yourself up. You have, indeed, had a major illness and I would guess your body is still recouperating. Take care and enjoy your dinner tonight!

  3. Testify. I haven't done a damned thing this morning either, except online fabric shop, blog and tweet! I'm hungry, but too lazy to get food. I'm still in my pjs with horrible bed head. And I am loving it! You've been so sick this year that I'm not surprised you are feeling lazy... so I say, dig in and enjoy it! :)

  4. I read this in my pj's with a house concert tomorrow and stuff strewn all over the house. I totally hear you, just replace L&O with stupid Facebook games.

  5. Very pretty and give yourself a break. Its saturday v. late morning, the sun is shining and I've done nothing but read blogs and sip coffee. I should be tailor tacking and emptying the dishwasher, and and and...

  6. I have literally done nothing this weekend, except for a load of laundry.

    Don't feel bad, it's your body telling you to rest! I think it's normal to just have a break... ideally, I'd use all my weekends for sewing, but really it's nice to not put that responsibility on myself at every spare moment.

  7. happens to everyone! just the other day i flopped on the sofa and declared (in my head) that i hate sewing and i'm sick of trying to make everything! only to have completed two t-shirts and a skirt since then... thank goodness it passes! the shawl looks beautiful, by the way. :)

  8. Definitely echoing the others here. Creativity needs a break sometimes. Rest up and hope you enjoyed the sunshine yesterday!

  9. I just found your blog and absolutely love it! I've spent the last couple of days going through posts. :)

    I go through the same thing. In fact, I slept and read most of this weekend and I don't even kind of feel guilty about it.

    That shawl is gorgeous.