Thursday, March 7, 2013

Culling The Inventory: I'm Having A Little Bra Sale

Apparently I have such a cache of bras that my "not now" drawer is no longer accepting new tenants. I may be a spender, but I'm not a hoarder, so I've come up with a work around.

Some of the bras I own are really not for me any longer: Some are no longer supportive enough (young ladies with large breasts, enjoy the relative lack of density while you can). Some I purchased on spec, to learn about different brands, which I have decided (in the end) are not the brands I prefer.

At any rate, I cannot possibly discard them - they're lovely! And I don't know any "in real life" women with my breast size and shape to whom they can be gifted.

So here's what I propose to do: I'm looking to sell them at a VERY reasonable cost (plus shipping, which will in no way be marked up). If you're looking for a lightly-worn (or rarely worn, in truth) bra in a 30 or 32 band and your dimensions or figure approximate mine, please feel free to email (address at the side) for an inventory and pricing. To clarify, this is not about profit. Good brands will be offered in the 10 - 20 dollar range, depending on the amount of wear. In fact, if you're a student or a person who doesn't have a lot of disposable income right now, email me anyway. I'm sure I can be convinced to strike a deal.

(Important Note: While I can definitely tell you the size of each bra, it may well be without a manufacturers tag because I hate the feel of them. I'll be sure to advise about level of wear, because tag-free-ness is not an indicator.)

FYI, I won't disclose my actual bra size on this blog, not because I'm not entirely happy to discuss it, but because I have a number of professional colleagues who've been known to read here and I'm not prepared to be defined, evermore, by my bra cup size on the interwebs. I'm also not interested to use Bratabase or any other vehicle to sell, useful though those platforms may be.

So, if you'd like to chat more, please feel free to email. Cheers.


  1. Ah, to have a smaller band size... Here's hoping you find good homes for your extra pretties.

  2. :-) You'll just have to buy more till you have your own insane stash!