Monday, March 11, 2013

Today's Word is "Thrill"

So my bra sale has been on for a few days now and I'm so thrilled by your enthusiasm! Many of you have written to inquire about whether my lingerie size is your lingerie size and I'm actually a little sad when the answer is no - cuz I really wan't y'all to adopt some affordable pretties. Happily, some of you are exactly the right size (or should I say, the stash is the exactly the right size for you) and lovely things are on their way.

I was talking with Myrna yesterday about how, given that the purchase of, and opportunity to enjoy, beautiful underthings is such a part of my identity, I'd be wise to share with others as often as possible. I mean, it makes it feasible for me to enjoy new brands continually and to get the word out to others who may enjoy them. I don't need an overflowing "provisional undies" drawer (ahem, that would be my third, in total). I need space to see and wear what works now (and potentially in the future, at slightly different sizes and shapes).

What I've come to understand recently is that breasts don't need to shrink or grow to change.

As we age, have children, enter puberty, approach menopause - the hormones associated with these great life changes affect the density of breast tissue - and thereby, how our breasts sit on our frames. Other challenges such as thyroid imbalance, serious stress (causing spikes in cortisol) or diets rich in foods we might not optimally tolerate can lead to similar changes in density (and size and shape too, of course).

There are bras I might not choose to wear in the future because, while the size is just right, the structure no longer does the trick.

Before you get all miserable and change the channel, young peeps, feel confident that I vastly prefer living in my 42-year old body than I ever did in my 25-year old one. These changes are not bad. They are not unattractive. They're just what they are - a metaphor of one's life lived. I say, live well and you will be gorgeous forever! :-)

Anyway, I cannot tell you how much I love to pass along these beautiful, structural marvels for the enjoyment of the next custodian. With each bra I hand-wash, then carefully set to dry before wrapping in tissue, I am reminded of the joy I felt when first I saw and touched it. I cannot help but to scrub in a little bit of extra thrill - and I truly hope you feel that when you open up your parcel.

On the topic of thrills at opening parcels, I am so grateful to my English friend for making this latest purchase possible:

Empreinte Lola Balconette - Confetti colourway

Empreinte Lola Shorty Thong

One gets a better sense of it on the model with the gorgeous boobs - but let me assure you, it is the power of this bra to make all boobs look this good. (Ok, to make my boobs look this good. :-))

I've learned that this bra has been discontinued and I seriously urge you to get yourself to a shop and try it on before it is no more. If it were even vaguely affordable, I'd buy it in every colourway and 2 in black. Alas, one has to expand her horizons. How will I find new things if I'm only focused on what I know now?

The Lola is an artful mix of sheer, weightless sex-appeal and architectural wonder. I've tried some of the loveliest and most supportive bras out there, and I've never seen anything like it. The band is affixed - affixed, I tell you - with nary an impulse to budge no matter what you do. It's a corset (albeit one without a long-line bodice underpinning it) but it's totally comfortable. (Note: I have a high tolerance for all manner of tightness on the bodice, so please keep that in mind.)

For your info, I've now tried on a variety of Empreinte bras including: the Kaela, the Ophelia, the Melody, the Diva and the Lily Rose.

All of them fit extremely well and give very good lift and shape. Some of them (Melody, Kaela) are rounder than my general preference. Others are too fussy for my North American predilections (Lily Rose, Thalia). The Ophelia is most definitely my next purchase, when the navy version comes out soon:

Photo courtesy of Miss Underpinnings
However, even this one (which looks light as air on the model), is not quite as insubstantial-seeming as the Lola.

Often, women with large breasts crave the very thing that eludes them - a web-like confection in defiance of gravity. Allow me to assure you, at the right price, it exists.

So, today's question is: What's the best bra you've ever worn? Inquiring minds want to know!


  1. The best bras I ever had were from when I was nursing my youngest kid. Hot Milk brand. I wish I'd had them when I was nursing all my kids. Almost good enough to make me want to wear a nursing bra all the time. If I could find a standard bra that had that same combination of comfortable and pretty, I'd be a happy woman.

    1. I've wondered about that brand! Gotta say, it's so cute but the name puts me off :-)

  2. I had a black half-cup bra set back when I was in HS/college that was probably from the big blue discount chain. It and the matching thong had lacing details and some silver studs. It lifted my VP-of-the-IBTC worthy girls up to look slightly more impressive, and was ridiculously comfortable. I liked it so much I even have some of those professional pictures that I took for my hubby (then fiancee) wearing it. ;-) I've tried the half-cup style since then, but the straps are always set too wide on the larger cup sizes.

    1. I love that! Glamour photos! You are going to be so glad you took those when you have grandchildren :-)

  3. Gutted that I'm not the same size as you (I think you told me your size in an email previously), otherwise I'd have bought the lot! Glad they're all going to good homes though.
    My best fitting bra was quite a matronly, full cup bra by Prima donna. It was the first bra I bought after my revelation of finding the right bra size and totally transformed my life. A few people even asked me if I'd had a boob job! x

    1. Fascinating. I've wondered about Prima Donna. I think I'm about to go into the "mega pricey" range with the bras, sigh.

  4. I still can't believe you're 42. When I first discovered your blog, I thought you were in your early 30s. Tell me your secrets! It's in the bras, isn't it?

    My best-fitting (and therefore, best-looking) bra is actually from Betsy Johnson. I'm not a fan of the clothes - they're not terrible, but yeeeeowww overpriced polyester! - but the bras are great, especially since they're inexpensive-ish, easy to find, and come in small band/large cup sizes :)

    1. OK, honey, you win comment of the month! I think I'm printing this out and putting it in a frame :-)