Sunday, January 1, 2012

In the Navy

Meet my New Year's eve outfit:

Oooh, navy on navy. How do they look so different? These are the Clover pants and V8323.

This completely poseur-y shot was actually taken while I was adjusting my hair (all 1 inch of it). But it shows the lines of the outfit well, I think.

This equally poseur-y shot is for y'all cuz I think you all deserve a kiss!

This nice-girl photo is for my mother, cuz she loves shots like this...

I can't tell you how it thrills me to wear an outfit entirely of my own construction!

Now, you may know that I was taking some big time chances on the centre back (my alteration) invisible zipper holding up. I figured, in a worst case scenario it could be a fun "OMG, 2011 totally sucked" story: There I was, raising a glass of bubbly and my freakin' pants fell apart. At a party?!? I am SO ready for 2012...

I definitely need to slender out a smidge before wearing them again. But I do think they're going to be go-to pants when I lose a bit of volume in my derriere, post-Xmas.

The Good:
  • I'm super pleased by the pants crotch length and depth, which I altered to suit my shape.
  • I did really nice work on the facing at the back zip by morphing up the instructions for the Clovers and the Ginger skirt (which has a back zipper). I'm starting to get with that insertion technique Sarai espouses, which I didn't like at first. It really is freakin' clean, if you can get it to work.
  • I finally realized that, when you alter the waistline of your pants, you will absolutely need to alter the waistband and facing: where they sit, where they seam, maybe even how they're curved (slightly). It's not rocket science but it is finicky and time-consuming.
  • And let's give me a pat on the back for moving the zipper in the first place. Of course, it was probably harder than just figuring out how to get the zipper to insert nicely at the curved side seam, but you live, you learn.
  • I think that the adjustments I made on the second version of V8323 really do improve the proportions on me. The neck is notably less chokey.
  • I also like the peplum bestowed on the design by virtue of the drape of the fabric. It's nice and flowy.
  • I LOVE both fabrics - colour (obvs, if I had to choose 1 colour to wear for the rest of my life it would easily be navy) and hand/drape of each. Both sewed very evenly.
The Less Good:
  • I really don't love invisible zippers on stress points. I can see how they're a smarter zip for a side opening, than a centre-back opening.
  • The pants are too tight right now, but it's not a critical issue. I can tell that they're tight where I've gained a bit of mass over the hols.
What I have observed about my wardrobe is that I wear my own handiwork most days - sometimes one piece, sometimes an entire outfit including scarf and coat?! Also, can we chat about the hand-made coat for a second? I cannot believe I made it. I must have been high on drugs to undertake hand tailoring when sewing for less than a year. And, sadly, I can't wrap my brain around ever wanting to do something so complex again. But look, it's NAVY!

What's your default sewing colour?


  1. This is amazing. Everything falls so nicely. Great job, K. Line

  2. Fantastic outfit! You look fantastic!! Navy on navy? Why not! :)

  3. You are so cute! And that outfit is great and YOUMADEITALLYOURSELF!!! Yay!
    For the record, and I probably said this before, I can't, and couldn't believe you made a coat in your first year of sewing. But then you went on and approached knitting the same way. 'swhy I'm absolutely looking forward to watching where you take this sketch idea. . .

  4. Awesome! The pants look so fantastic, it's pushing me closer and closer to trying it out!

    I love it that you wear a handmade item most days!

  5. Great job! I have the Clover pattern as well, but considering I have no idea what your construction notes mean, I think I'll save this project for later in the year. I find the idea of making pant fit nicely super intimidating. Your pants fit so well. Happy New Year. I can't wait to see what you sew this year. :)

  6. Adorable! You've been quite busy during your last week or so at home! So productive - and great garments!!

  7. Gorgeous outfit! I have to laugh at navy being your go-to color because it is also my mother's favorite. She of the blonde hair and blue eyes spent years trying to shove me (of the vastly different) coloring into navy with pretty horrendous results. Navy, so stunning on you, makes me look terminally ill.

    My go-to color is black. If I could only wear black, I'd be fine with it. However, since black isn't technically a "color" then I'm going to say purple. Good things happen to me when I wear royal purple.

  8. Thank you Aja!

    Suzy: I'm pretty pleased with it. Thanks!

    F: Seriously, it never gets dull to think IMADEITALLMYSELF! I was too stupid with the coat to know I shouldn't be able to do it. :-) Here's hoping it works with sketching too...

    Gail: You'll have lots of chances in 2012 since you won't be making purchases!

    Andrea: I think it's impossible to decipher the pattern notes of others. At least until you're making the item. Start with the Ginger, then do the Sencha. Then try the clovers!

    Pammie: It's been a sewing holiday. I'm sad it's almost over.

    Faye: Thanks! (I'm starting as I mean to go on :-))

    LSCG: Merci! It's amazing how one colour does everything for a person and just looks horrendous on someone else. Dove grey, while I love it, is a really bad colour on me. Makes me look dead.

  9. Fabulous! I am so amazed art how much you have done.

    There is nothing like ewearing something you made yourself and at this moment that is what I miss most living out of a suitcase as I do. My old seen clothes don't fit and hand knits were mostly too bulky.

    I'm not quite sure wheat my go to color will be yet, probably gray or French blue.

  10. I really love the top. It looks good on you.

  11. Kristin, how did I miss your blog before? I just went back several pages and I can see some oral danger ;) as well as some truly nice clothing. Your figure reminds me, enviably, of my mom's figure. (It's pretty hard to believe that she and I were related by blood.)

    You are great at sewing clothing to fit and flatter. Cute cute cute!

    You must not be eating *too* many of those delicious-looking caramels. ;)

  12. Thanks Mardel. As you know, I owe so much to your expertise and support. And I love French blue! Will look great on you - though I do love that green you were wearing in your last post.

    Raven: Thanks, hun!

    Shams: And now I must go and check out your little part of the blogosphere! I really appreciate your lovely comment. I'm trying for good fit - and occasionally wrong sides that don't look like rodents have eaten them. So thank you very much! Pls. come back and visit again.

  13. That was quick! I am now following your blog. :)

    Your knitted items are also most impressive! I love that shawl that tucks into the tube. Also that red moss-stitch cowl looks similar to a Gaptastic cowl I made last year. I'll have to follow you on ravelry too. ;)

  14. Great outfit!! Did you make the bra and knickers too?

  15. This look is fantastic. I particularly love the top - it's so much more illuminating to see garments on a person rather than a form! Really suits you.

  16. First, a big kiss back, second, you look fantastic!

    As always, I am in awe of your skills. Those pants fit you perfectly!

    I do see what you mean about invisible zippers on stress points.

  17. Jet: Not quite! I'm sorry, btw, that I didn't call for coffee - I really didn't leave the house for my entire vacation. Will email to set something up for this week...

    K: Thank you! I agree about seeing a garment on - it's just that I'm so rarely in the mood to be photoed.

    Susan: xo And the zipper situation is scary :-) I never worry about RTW (cuz they've got that industrial machinery - and great skill, let's tell it like it is).

  18. I am so impressed. I remember when you took up sewing, and how determined you were with it back then. Now you're wearing entire outfits of your own handiwork. It is really amazing. And the pieces are beautiful.

  19. E: It's amazing what a difference a couple of years can make to skill development!

    W: xo