Monday, January 16, 2012


What can I say? Jalie 2921 is all that - just as every sewist on the planet has agreed.

This is the first of my six spring basics from the palette. Strange how I made the (arguably) springiest in deep January.

I've shown the ties in a bow, but you can string them through a small hole at the front to make a very chic scarf-front. Should have shown that version in pics too...

Trust me, the dress form doesn't do this garment justice. It fits beautifully. The drape of the rayon jersey is perfect. I'm sure the pattern was constructed with rayon or bamboo jersey in mind.

About the Pattern:
  • I cut the 8 though technically I'm between an 8 and 9.
  • I also carved out some additional curves at the waist of the pattern. I felt it was too straight.
  • Despite making something between a 7 and 8, Jalie-sizing, it fits well - maybe even a bit large. (Remember, my dress form has slightly wider shoulders than I do.)
  • I'm not saying the pattern categorically fits large. There's not a lot of ease built into the 1/4" seam-allowanced pattern. But rayon jersey has a lot of drape.
  • The burrito construction of the collar is as genius as everybody says. Just make sure, if you're using a serger - or even if you're not - to avoid catching the sandwiched front and back pieces when sewing closed the collar/ties.
  • I would not want to make this without a serger. It would be much more challenging to get the stitches to hold with such a stretchy fabric. And it's the drape of rayon jersey that really makes this pattern work.
  • I twin stitched the sleeve hem and bodice hem before closing the seams. It's easier to sew those things flat.
  • Now that I've made this, I can say that (once alteration have been accounted for and paper pattern traced and cut) it's a 4 hr from start to finish project. Which is entirely awesome, IMO. That's about as quick as it gets in my universe.
  • I did shorten the waist and arm length using the lengthen/shorten lines provided by the pattern. As per usual, I had to remove an inch from the waist. Then I hemmed at 1/2". The length of the piece is perfect.
  • I will make all 3 sleeve versions of this garment. Each will have numerous uses.
  • Way to take a T shirt and turn it into an elegant garment! Can't wait to wear it.
About the Croquis: It was my great goal to show you a mocked up version of this using my croquis. Alas, my ability to use the computer to "paint" is woefully inadequate. The dress form version is kind of like a 3-dimensional croquis.

This piece has taught me that I really need to sew with patterned-fabric more often. I've been intimidated by the urge to match at the seams. I'm almost over it. And this is so cheerful!

Whatcha think?

Update based on some thoughts I had while dressing: It seems that every time I review a pattern lately, I'm saying it fits large. Perhaps I have to rethink the sizes I'm making? I'll write about this in more detail later, but maybe my dimensions have changed more than I imagine. Hmmm, maybe I should pull out the tape measure??


  1. This looks gorgeous! As usual, I want to see it on you, however (although your dress form is, as always, very sexy)

    Good luck with the croquillage!

  2. I adore this top the fabric is great! I'll have to get my hands on this pattern! x

  3. Very pretty. It's a great print, I love the mix of colours. I'm actually drawn to prints in fabrics, maybe more than I should be. It's funny to hear someone feeling the opposite.

  4. Glorious! You are going to have such fun wearing this. And thanks for posting it on a Monday morning -- cheeriness to get the week going.

  5. Beautiful! I think you could wear this in all seasons. If it were mine, I sure wouldn't wait til spring to wear it!

  6. What a nice top and print. Bet it looks real nice on you too.

  7. Beautiful! I love the bow detail and the fabric is lovely. I can't wait to see the rest of your palette.

  8. Lovely! I agree with Tanit-Isis, I'd love to see it on you - garments always come to life when worn on someone living :)

  9. What a very happy print for deep winter! Great top! I need to get on board with this magical burrito method I've heard so much about.

  10. Gorgeous sillouette but yes, we need to see it on you, especially if you say it looks even better then (which I have no doubt it does) :)

  11. I love it! You've convinced me to buy this pattern - and great fabric!

  12. T: I will show photos, promise!

    Stevie: Don't delay!!

    Sera: Isn't it funny how we all gravitate towards one thing or another. Then we have to figure out how to expand our horizons :-)

    F: OMG - it's the most fun shirt I've ever worn!

    Gail: Secretly, I wore it today and I loved it!

    Faye: Thank you!

    Andrea: Have you seen the post that talks about the patterns I'm going to make?

    K: It's so true. I have to get it together and take a shot of me in it.

    Clio: It's absurd seeming as you're doing it, but it really works!

    Suzy: I see that's the consensus! :-) Gonna take a shot, promise.

    Pammie: You have to get it. It's awesome.

  13. What a great top! I love the pattern of the fabric and the colors, too!

  14. Gorgeous! I've never made a Jalie pattern before, but this has me convinced. And the pattern is just divine. So classy!!

  15. I forgot I have this pattern- what a pretty top! Did you get the fabric locally or online?

  16. it is definitely ALL that! I want it now...

  17. Oh my gosh. So gorgeous!

  18. What an adorable top. I don't like to wear prints but might try this blouse in a solid silk jersey color.

  19. R: Thank you. Isn't it fun!?

    Carmen: Merci beaucoup!

    Geri: I've read many reviews of this pattern and each one is positive. I think it's one of those that captures many sizes and shapes just beautifully. I'm so pleased with my version. Thank you!

    Connie: You are so ahead of the game! I bought the fabric more than a year ago at FabricLand in Toronto. The store has since closed. There are other FabricLands, but none downtown any longer (horrendously). I think it was 3 buck a metre and I got 2.5.

    Mikhaela: You must buy it. It is perfect for the narrow frame with boobs.

    Sal: Why thank you!

    Susan: You know I never sew prints, but I am so starting to change my tune :-)

  20. Your top looks great! I made one of these with rayon jersey too (you can see it here:
    I didn't even notice that the seam allowance was 1/4"... that's what I took anyway, but mostly out of laziness. I would disagree with needing a serger though... Mine came together very easily without one.

  21. God, that is incredible. Just the kind of top I'd want if I had an office job. I am in love with it!

  22. Mika: Glad to hear that your non-serger sewing of this was successful!

    E: You don't need an office job to need a frou frou floral bow top! :-)

  23. A very pretty top. I'm just going to have to try Jalie patterns as a few have caught my eye....

    BTW I am with Tanit-Isis and am looking forward to seeing a pic of it on you!

  24. Do you think this would work in a sweater knit, even though it's not recommended? I have this vague idea I could make a sweater dress with this for the top, but I don't own the pattern--yet.