Saturday, September 17, 2011


  1. Kid has lice (again). Don't tell my husband I'm telling you this or he'll flip. He feels that, every time I mention this, I defile our child's reputation.
  2. That's outrageous. (The nits, I mean.) Where did they come from (this time)??!?!? Well, it's a toss up but I'm pretty sure they're from the summer camp she went to for the last 2 weeks of August.
  3. This turn of events has driven me to drink, and I don't mean a spritzer.
  4. I went 12 days without alcohol. Last night - while out with friends - I had a Caesar (tomato juice, clam juice, lime, Tabasco, Worcestershire sauce, celery - yeah, and vodka.) Tonight I've had a glass of wine.
  5. Tomorrow I'll officially start phase 2 of the recalibration. That means spritzers for 3 weeks. I wonder if that's going to fly...
  6. I'm not judging my failure to go 14 days.
  7. I finished a pair of pants today (my sloper pattern). I made them in wool pinstripe that has a tiny bit of stretch. They're really well-constructed, dare I say it.
  8. Alas, I may have serged off slightly too much fabric on the outer legs.
  9. Don't panic. I need to remove my basting stitches in order to determine what exactly has occurred.
  10. Sergers are binary, people. Once you slice off that 2 inches on either side, it ain't growing back.
  11. I went out on Thursday and bought $2oo.oo of yarn?!?! I got some Rowan Pure Wool to make everyone fabulous Cable Keyhole Scarves for Xmas (more on that to come, promise).
And then there's this Debbie Bliss Rialto Aran:

I haven't quite figured out what I'm going to make with it, but it's going to be a sweater - which is why I had to buy 12 skeins.

12. In closing, I really want to live here:


  1. Oh that has to suck having lice again. And a Ceasar doesn't count, there are too many vegetables in there balancing out the vodka. ;)

  2. 1. Some kids just pick up lice easily, something about the temperature of their heads or the texture of their hair. It's no reflection on you or your daughter.
    2. You don't sound very far off the wagon to me.
    3. Love the French blue colour of your yarn. Can't wait to see it knitted up!

  3. After living through a 6 month fight with lice and nits when my now 15 yr old was 4, I feel like it's always okay for my kids to have slightly dirty hair since the lice don't like it. Olive oil with tea tree oil added and the nit comb is what finally rid us of them completely. So much work.

    I would love to have a Ceasar so very much. Glad to know I'm not the only nut who will order tomato juice based cocktails when I'm out at night.

  4. I thought about you yesterday while combing my daughter's hair for 90 minutes. I always think about you and whether I can dye her hair to make this all stop! Or whether clear henna would work. This has been going on, ebbing and waning, since May for god's sake. Clearly I should drink while combing. CUI. There are not enough hours in the day...
    Just to let you know, I do think about you or your blog at OTHER times too, like when I see cool clothes, when I contemplate learning something new, etc.

  5. One of my daughters (the one with massively thick, curly hair) had lice twice, but otherwise we were quite lucky. I think if more moms were willing to "defile their kids' reputations," we'd find out about and stop these outbreaks earlier. I was so pissed, when phoning around to let sleepover pals know about M's creepy-crawlies, that one of the moms had been too embarrassed to mention that her kid had had them. . . thereby willingly spreading them to mine (and on, and on).
    Oh, and I'm impressed you lasted almost two weeks! Also impressed by your moderation in having the Caesar last night ;-)

  6. S: That's what I said!!

    Karin: Thank you for saying that. We are very careful (which is probably why we always find things before the outbreak gets entrenched) but it's so disturbing. Of course, at this point we all have our assigned roles. It's old hat. No pun intended!

    LAP: You know, I've tried it all. I think she's just got a propensity, it's really entrenched in the community, and she and her friends are always head-to-head. Can't wait for this phase to be over...

    Margaret: LOL! I'm glad to know I'm not only top-of-mind with the bug-related matters. And sorry to hear you are managing the same misery right now. According to the Lice Squad people, hair dye doesn't do anything. Since my kid's had her hair dyed since this thing started, I have to corroborate that - anecdotally.

    M: With curly hair, this would be a special kind of torture! It's true that people need to start talking about it. If someone as grime averse as me can find herself in this sit as often as I have - and we are eradicating the problem each time - we know because we follow the 8 zillion rules, including daily combing efforts to produce confirmation that it has all gone away. Then next trigger brings it back.

  7. My kids got lice twice and it was hell! They both have thick, wavy hair, so gorgeous I didn't want to cut their hair. Big mistake, the next time it happened my son got a buzz cut and my daughter got a short hair cut. At one point during these ordeals I found nits in my husband's hair! Glad those days are long gone.

    I live in fear and awe of the serger.

  8. Susan: I know, when gorgeous hair starts looking like a liability, what is up?!

    Wendy: Oh, I know! I want one too...

  9. I think the boy in that picture comes out at night and walks around your house with his little tippy tappy feet. So I dont want to live there. Sorry about the head lice! Which school acquaintance ISN'T dealing with this because That is the problem!!