Thursday, September 8, 2011

Not Every One's A Winner

The Wispy, she is done, and has been given to my child because:
  • She really wanted it.
  • It didn't fit me (too big in sleeves but the sweater part - below the shrug - wasn't wide enough to accommodate my chest. Should have done longer short rows, I guess. Good lesson.)
  • I don't like it.
  • It looks chic on her lanky frame.
To wit:

See that gape at the back shoulder? It does the same thing on me and on other photos I've seen. Don't love sleeves that can't fit because the drafting doesn't allow for it. I realize it's probably "the look".

She wants you to know that she really is too cool for school.

Do you see the hideous bag in that sleeve? I knit it so tightly it was ridiculous and yet the ribbing looks like crap.

Some things to note:
  • I don't like what silk does to the drape (at least with this yarn in this proportion of 20%).
  • If you decide to make this, though I don't recommend it, and you are busty, extend the short rows where the sweater body is knit down from the shrug ribbing.
  • Feel free to throw Chloe & Spud fine sock yarn in the washer and dryer. No felting. But also no shrinking. In fact, I think the weave opens up still further in the dryer. (Note: I was using a larger gauge of needle than one would for socks.)
I'm happy to be finished with this, and to have learned new lessons. Stay tuned for info about my latest finished knit item - an AWESOME scarf. That story is much more fun than this one.


  1. Oh, no! At least it looks good on your "too cool for school" child. I will have to re-tink this one as the sleeves really do look a bit weird.

  2. The sleeves were bizarre and I promise you, I followed the rules! Tension isn't generally a problem for me (she says with next to no experience to draw from).

  3. How sad it doesn't work for you, but she really is rocking it. At least it will be loved by someone.

  4. You must be so disappointed after all of that work! This story does not inspire me to knit.

    However, your daughter looks great in it. Way cool.

  5. I'm not a knitter, but I actually think it looks really cool on the kid. The 'fabric' has a lovely sheen, and is very even. How did you manage that? It looks very beautiful.

    The pattern however does seem to have some of the technical issues a RTW cardigan of this sort would have, which is a shame. Why would you want to replicate the flaws in RTW? Still, I might steal this from your daughter if I had the chance, as it looks very luxurious and comfortable

  6. I'm confused about something - I've never knit this pattern but I've considered it so I'd love to know - the comment you made about it not being wide enough to accommodate your chest. Can you elaborate? My understanding of the pattern is that it should be snug fitting and only just go over the shoulders. Then the 'body' should simply hang down from the shrug... On most successful FOs I've admired, this means and it hangs down from only an inch or two in front of where a side seam would be, if it had one. Long story short - I didn't think it should have to accommodate anyone's chest, large or small? Is it at all possible that you simply ended up with too large a size (thus explaining the big arms and the fact that you could even attempt to cover your chest?)

    I've known so many people who loved the pattern and whose arms fit snugly, so just trying to troubleshoot and decide if I'm willing to attempt it in the future.

  7. Serapha: Thanks!

    Susan: I'm really not, bizarrely. I'm just viewing it as a learning experience I got to have predominantly in front of the TV :-)

    Roses: Thanks. It does look good on her, given her style. And the yarn is of high quality, resulting in the sheen. I did knit quite evenly (thank you for noticing as I don't think it shows through at all - despite all my careful stitching).

    Ms. M: Thank you for this comment - I was wondering if anyone would go here. You're totally right - it's a shrug with a kind of curtain (the body part). But I do feel it would have looked better and more proportioned on me if I had widened the "skirt: so that it connected with the ribbing of the shrug "higher up" i.e. further along the shrug toward the bust, just a bit, so that the "skirt"/body would cover the side of the chest, at least somewhat more. Now it just hangs down from the side (almost back) wanly.

    I made one adjustment I don't regret, but which may impact the shape of this garment on someone of a different shape. I didn't like the "fluttery" i.e. triangular body - the pattern directed increases on every knit row so the "skirt" part gets wider as it goes down. (You'll see that when you look at a lot of the photos in Ravelry.) With the flutter, it might have hung differently (though not in a way I'd have liked, I expect) and this may slightly mitigate the issue.

    You should also know, those are the sleeves for the SMALL - after being in the dryer for an hour. The sleeves are a mess (even in the very cute photo that comes along with the pattern, once you start really looking). I would have to redraft the sleeves were I to make it again. That's not difficult (a matter of removing some stitches when making the sleeves) but it was impossible by the time I realized the problem. Add it to the other issues, and I don't see this one in my future. You may look great in it but, seriously, I wouldn't waste my time.

  8. Aah, that makes sense. Actually, that's one of the things that has held me back from making this... I always think that the body should come a little further forward. (And I'm forever ambivalent about these triangle-front cardigans that have been all the rage for the past few years.) I'll trust your wisdom and continue to take a pass on this one for now!

  9. With or without cardigan thingie,
    that child-woman is amazing. xx

  10. Ms. M: The more I read, the more I think you could get away with it (and it would look nice) as long as you increased the short rows on the side body. Enough so that they went as far to the side as necessary to accommodate a full bust.

    Lisa: What's happening to these kids? They're all tall and hairy :-)