Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Holy Cow!

One of the best things about having internet-found friends is that you get to know dozens (hundreds?) of fantastic people who share your philosophies and interests. These are not friendships of environmental convenience. We choose our blog friends; they're relatively easy to abandon. So when said friendships last for years, and span numerous topics despite distance or age or circumstance, that's more than amazing. It's heart-warming.

It's a stupid understatement to say that I am incredibly fortunate to have many such friends and one who's particularly stand out is Mardel. She's a fascinating woman (People, she went to Vassar!) who has been elegantly managing a significant life challenge, to put it mildly, for the last couple of years. You can read about her many hobbies and perspectives on her blog. Mardel brings a considered perspective to everything. She lives in a gorgeous house on the Hudson (though soon she will embark on a new life in the South). She loves gardening and sewing and reading and knitting with equal measures - as far as I can tell.

As a newbie sewist, I relied on her heavily for advice. I seem to recall an email I sent in the early days with the subject heading "Desperate Sewing Emergency".

A while back M mentioned to me - or was it on the blog? - that she had a few pairs of boots she no longer wears, but which happen to be in excellent condition. I joked that I would take them and, lo, recently she emailed to offer them up. I believe, at that point, I may have sent back an email with the subject heading "Um, Hell Yes!".

Today, they finally arrived - so beautifully packaged with boot shaft shapers (I use magazines when I can be bothered) and tissue paper and some utterly gorgeous Versace fabric.

Yes, there are pics below, but let me stretch the suspense by telling you that M sent 2 pairs of boots - a Walter Steiger pair in animal pattern pony skin - take a moment to digest that. I'll wait. - and another pair of quilted leather Hermes. I know. It's awesome.

Now, the universe obviously didn't want me to get too excited, lest my heart act up, so regrettably the Hermes ones don't fit me. (Note: I may have more to say about this soon. Stay tuned.)

However, these babies fit like a glove:

Yes, those are sexy zippers on the back!

And here is the Versace silk:

I don't suppose it's necessary for me to point out the "Made in Italy" on the selvedge? Or that, it's not so often that I come into the possession of anything Made in Italy.

What a parcel!! (Thank you, Mardel.)


  1. Holy Cow is right! I can picture Mardel in these boots and now you too. Wow, just wos.

    Look at that silk! I'm a silk nut, that's just too gorgeous for words.

    I'll bet you can't wait to take those boots out walking :).

  2. Or, ooh, la vache, as my Parisian friend Andrea says! You and those boots -- a deadly and effective combination! Your husband has got to be a happy man!
    And that silk -- so funny, my fingers started twitching, quite literally, as I looked at the screen, twitching and itching to rub that material sibilantly between them. Yummy!

    And Mardel, I love to hear Kristin's true words about you speaking your praise out to the universe.

  3. What a lovely friend indeed. Versace silk! I'm jealous. What will you make with it?

  4. oh how lovely! I have met Mardel and yep, she is just as nice a person as can be. Enjoy!

  5. Susan: The weather here has to clear up cuz I need to wear them!!

    F: They are seriously sexy! He hasn't seen them yet but he can't really picture things until the outfit is assembled :-)

    Belle: I know!!

    Couture: I don't know yet! I have to research the perfect new top. Then get the pattern. Then muslin it. Then, maybe, make it with a cheapie fabric. Then pull out this stuff :-)

    Wendy: I thought you might appreciate them :-)

    Robin: And her wardrobe is stellar!

  6. Aww, you make me blush!

    But I am so tickled that the boots fit because I just know that you will look amazing in them (too bad about the H's though) and I am also completely confident that you will rock the Versace.

  7. Okay, those are some awesome boots!! You've got to take a picture of you wearing them soon. What a great friendship :)

  8. Wow! Those are some amazing "hand-me-downs!"

  9. Wow, those boots are gorgeous. They're bound to look amazing combined with a dressy dress or just a simple t-shirt. (although together with the versace fabric it's just jealousy inducing...:P) I'm looking forward to their first appearance under a self-made outfit!

  10. Yes - Mardel is an amazing woman isn't she! The boots are awesome and the fabric is you know what you're going to do with it yet?

  11. Mardel: I totally love everything! Thank you so much again. And I know we're going to find those Hermes a great home :-)

    Carla: Isn't it?! Photos will come.

    Karin: I know!

    Roses: I have a special outfit planned (though won't know if it works till I put it all together). It involves a scary amount of animal print. But judiciously applied.

    Carolyn: I don't know yet! But my stash is starting to resemble yours (ok, not really :-)) so I have to do some pattern matching to fabric.