Saturday, February 19, 2011

You Asked...

So here's a photo of the cape (and the gorgeous Sally and the also gorgeous Audi) taken by the gorgeous Peter. I mean, very handsome Peter:

I have paired it with my orange dress, arguably too formal for a flea market jaunt, but peeps I was out from morning till night. Like 14 hours straight... (That's probably why I've been lying on my bed with the flu for the last 3 days.)

Audi is wearing an awesome Mongolian lamb vest she bought the previous day at Sak's. It was on sale from over $300.00 to something like $170.00, which - trust me - was a steal. I totally wanted one but since I already have a fur vest (pictured) and I really should stop buying everything until I buy a larger house in which to store it all (not pictured). I feel I showed remarkable restraint :-)

On a side note: I've discovered that shoppers fall into 2 camps. There are the considered "save it for the right moment" purchasers i.e. Sally, and then there are the impulsive "Please rip the tags off for me cuz I'm wearing out of the store" purchasers.

Would you like to guess which camp I fall into? And while you're at it - what's your cash and carry modus operandi?


  1. Oh no, not flu. Sorry to hear you're under the weather.

    The lamb vest looks very lambie pie.

    You look fabulous in the cape.

    Shopping? Considered.

  2. Three gorgeous!!!!
    Love this picture.... and the cape :-)
    Thanks for the picture.

  3. I am so sorry you are sick! Waaaah!:-( But I LOVE seeing this picture. It is crazy cool to see you all together. I am green with envy. And, like you, I am in the "please rip the tags off" camp.
    Feel better, lovely!xoxo

  4. So, really, you also brought on the flu by running a marathon -- just a different sort, a shopping-and-playing marathon!
    I love the way the cape layers over your fur. And what a gorgeous bevy of bloggers -- fabulous!

  5. I so wish I could have been there, but this time of year is the busiest for those academics on the job market - like me. I'll just have to settle for wearing my Cole Haan gloves and remembering our shopping trip.

  6. I'm definitely a bit more on the impulsive side...and Audi's vest??? DYING!

  7. Ha ha! Sometimes I've waited years before wearing something!

  8. Susan: This bug has staying power, regrettably...

    Seeker: Thanks!

    Bel: Next time you must join. We'll get you a cape too!

    F: I guess you have a point. It was its own kind of marathon.

    R: We can have many more!

    Kristin: Maybe it has to do with the name??

    Wendy: I just don't know how you manage that :-)