Friday, February 18, 2011

Caped Crusader

Here are a few shots of the cape I bought at Barneys:

I realize the photos are crap - I'm still trying to figure out the camera on my iPhone...

In some amazing twist of spring temperatures, I was able to comfortably wander around NYC wearing it. The waist is cinched with a tie (in that leather channel) so it manages to be voluminous, but also fitted.

At first, I was on the fence about this purchase - I'm not any more, mind you, I think I'll get lots of spring and fall wear out of it (esp. with my fur vest underneath) - because:
  • If I never buy another item of clothing over-garment ever again, it'll still be overkill. I have a remarkably full wardrobe these days. All of the sewing I'm doing - even though I re-purpose much of what I make - is leading to space issues. And I have so many store-bought things as well. Alas, editing will be difficult. I love all my nicely-fitted clothes - can't imagine giving them away - but how to wear them all given sheer volume?
  • It wasn't cheap. I mean, it wasn't expensive ($400.00 marked down to $239.00) for this scale of garment, but if you see the bullet above and consider that I ran the risk of not being able to fit it into a tiny suitcase, well you see the dilemma.
  • I could fairly easily make something like this. Mind you, every other cape I've ever tried on has looked as hideous as this one looked good, so I've never had the urge to give it a go. I assumed this was a look for a woman of a different shape. Goes to show that every garment can work on every woman, as long as the proportions are correct.
I was shopping with 3 other women: the famous Sally and Audi and the fantastic wardrobe refashioner / sweetie pie Sara, and each of them looked as great in this (if not better) than I did. So I feel it has a bit of magic behind it.

What do you think?


  1. I adore it! The details on it, the construction, the color all made it so extraordinary. I think you'll get so much use out of it throughout the year and for years to come!

    And it was SO MUCH FUN seeing you and spending an afternoon with you! Such a great, great day. I'm glad you had a fun visit to the city!

  2. It could be like the "sisterhood of the traveling cape"! :-P Actually, I kind of love it. I'd definitely wear it, which given my aversion to capes, that's saying something. I like how it's shape and the fact that it's somewhat fitted so it doesn't look like you are getting ready to go suck someone's blood. :-)

  3. i really love this. i've not thought that i could pull off a caped silhouette, though i've always found them so elegant and versatile. your cape reminds me very much of the one that the ever-lovely Sofia Coppola is wearing in some of her LV collection photos.

  4. Well, since I saw it in person, I must say that you looked maaaahvelous darling! Really, it's a fantastic piece. So easy and so versitle.

  5. That cape is glorious, and looks amazing on you. I'm so glad you came to your senses and bought it! Also, I wish I had you here to tell the sale story -- I simply cannot achieve the dramatic effect that you do.

  6. I LOVE it, especially the color, but then, I have a thing for capes.

    It's just the kind of cape I would like, but without the fitting.

    It must look fabulous on you. Photos!

  7. It's gorgeous! I love the touch of leather.
    I'd like to see it on a real person too!

  8. Silly question, but... can you tell me what shade of white you have painted on your walls in this room? I like how the white "freshens" the room and I'm looking for a nice, fresh shade of white to paint my kids' room (which also has the same wood tones in furniture). And, love that cape!—Hope

  9. I love a good cape! And that is one. . .

  10. Holy gorgeous batman! I'm jealous of that fabulous score of yours!

  11. Sara: I'm really glad I bought it. Thank you for helping me to make that decision!

    CGC: Oh, I know what you mean - they're so British period piece most of the time! This one has a bit more modernity.

    Sophie: Run to Barneys Coop! There's even one that's camel - with slightly different tailoring but same basic shape. We all agreed that it was fabulous too.

    Stacy: Thank you. That's the thing - it is versatile. Though who would think that of a cape??

    Susan: Photo coming up for you tomorrow!

    Audi: Just invite me to SF and I'll go on auto-pilot :-) You really had the BEST shopping luck.

    Sherry: Thanks! Come back tomorrow for a person in cape shot.

    Anon: Oh, I wish I could remember the name. It's Benjamin Moore and it may be Butter - or something like that. It's actually a very pale, French yellow. It looks beautiful on a sunny day. My sister paints every house she lives in this colour.

    Miss C: Can't you just see me on a moor??

    Kristin: Ha! Thanks. You'll just have to go back to NYC really soon and score yourself one!

  12. Love the cape - I can see why you went with it!

    You need to find a friend who's the same size as you that will take your things. I have one and she LOVES getting clothes that look great on her and it's easier for me to hand things off to a lover of clothes. I can truly apply the 'do I really love it' test and she's extra thrilled to get hand sewn things!

  13. I love capes-- especially this one! The silver buttons with the navy looks really nice.

  14. Love it!! Looks comfy and yet stylish... pictures, please :-)

    Have a fantastic weekend, dear


  15. Well you were completely chic in that cape and I'm glad you got it. It will always bring back good memories along with loads of style.

  16. Thanks Wendy!

    Patty: That's the best idea. I do have a friend whose size is strangely like mine, though we look very different. She gets a lot of clothing!

    G: Those are actually snaps! (You know how I love those...)

    Seeker: Thanks.

    Fab: Thank you. I'm really pleased with it...

    Mardel: You got to see it up close so, if you like it, I can trust it was a good buy.