Saturday, February 5, 2011

Lighten Up

Just at the moment when you fear you may have to kill yourself or chuck it all and bum on a beach in Tahiti, the winter light starts to change (which is to say, reemerge). While Toronto winters of the last decade or two have been distinctly snow-lite, they are much more specifically light-lite. I'd hazard to say we live in one of the dreariest winter pockets in North America. Weeks can go by with only dull grey on the horizon. It looks like it may rain or snow, but does nothing. The pattern hovers seemingly endlessly. The sky is the colour of polluted, roadside slush.

Yes, if you live in Winnipeg or Ottawa you've got a shit-load of snow to contend with. Oh, and it's probably legitimately cold. But those regions have sun, where we have little to none. It's hard on the psyche.

But over the last couple of days there's been a little bit of sunshine here. And it starts before 8 a.m. (just slightly), so you don't feel like you're waking in darkness, walking in darkness, eating in darkness - you get the gist.

If I were a Shakespearean king, I'd take this as a really good omen. Only two more months still green things start to grow again.


  1. Very well put. It's amazing how a blue sky can lift the mood of the whole city in Toronto, since we are so used to grey, grey grey all winter,

  2. Glad the dreary snow and surroundings don't last forever. I definitely prefer sunshine to "snow-lite" but considering where I live---snow is a rarity. A warm Spring gives you something to look forward to after a long winter!

  3. Congratulations! Living much further south and under usually sunny skies, I have little to complain about.

    However I had a similar experience on my drive home when I had the distinct impression that the sun was a little higher at 5:30 and that the light was a little more golden.

  4. Agreed. When I lived in Iceland w/ Mr. C, we had 3 hours of light during Dec/Jan. It took a toll spending so much time in the dark, though I must say that Icelanders have beautiful interiors to make up for the darkness outside.

  5. Such a beautiful write to put things so well about TO.
    Enjoy your TO blue sky......

  6. Out on this coast, our generally mild temps compensate for the grey months and months and months. I'm not sure I'd have the fortitude to handle grey and freezing. Glad to hear that you're getting some sunshiney endorphins to get you through the next little while . . .

  7. Farah: I don't know how we stand it.

    Vic: That's the one thing it has going for it. I'll give you that.

    D.: Doesn't it make a difference to your mood, even if you are further south??

    Miss C: Something tells me that living in Iceland would be so romantic and lush, that the miserable grey would only make it more romantic and lush!

    Seeker: Thank you - and you know what it's been like here!

    Frances: Everytime I look at the shoots and gorgeous views on your blog, I am seized with envy! You live amongst so much beauty, I'm sure it compensates for the grey.