Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Complex Geometries

I mentioned yesterday that I hung out with Peter at the Chelsea Flea Market. I was also with Audi and Sally - whom I highly recommend as travel companions.

Here's a fun fact about each:
  • Sally - who is as fabulous as I knew she would be - gets tipsy on half a glass of sangria, and it's totally adorable. (Does that make me sound like a hard-core drinker??) Oh, and she's crazily industrious. The reason her blog is amongst the best around is because she gives it all of her love and attention - she seriously cares about her readers and about what they gain from her site.
  • Peter knows the names and uses of numerous arcane flea shop items i.e. phonograph cylinders. He's also really into hats - most of which look great on him. Plus, I have it on good authority that Cathy should be getting out of jail soon. Oh, and did I mention he's sassily nonchalant about the famous friends??
  • Audi has ridiculously good luck with the sales read: $1100.00 of merch at Barney's for under $350.00. I thought I might have a nervous collapse after a day of experiencing the "additional markdown"-high that seems to follow her around.
But enough about them! Watcha think of my new scarf??

I got this for 5 bucks at a stall where the (admittedly) crappily displayed goods were reasonably pricey. Call me a thief but I didn't exactly draw attention to the label as I briefly held it up to ask about cost. If only I hadn't thrown it away (albeit briefly) the story would be flawless. BTW, I did a bit of sleuthing and I think this might sell for quite a bit of money. If any of y'all know about such things and can corroborate, I'd love the input. Not that I'm selling it!

Update: Rosesred sent me these fab Desses links - look at those patterns! And I love that M. Desses was part of the draping master set. Draping thrills me. In fact, that's my next sewing tackle. I'm getting me some books to work on this with my new form...


  1. Fabulous scarf! That looks to be right up your color alley. I'm still just seething with envy that you got to hang out with all of those fabulous bloggers. Well, not seething, actually, but still seriously envious. ;-p

  2. That's a brilliant scarf -- gorgeous sophisticated colours and it looks as if it's a wonderfully fine cashmere weave -- stunning!

  3. I think that scarf would look better on toast!

  4. Appearantly, he also attached his name to some really neat sewing patterns:


    How about that fabulous buttoned daydress to wear with your scarf?

  5. Pseu: Thank you for your envy :-) I am the same way when people get to travel! And meeting the bloggers was awesome. Next time you'll need to join.

    F: I know it looks like cashmere in these photos - man, would that it were! It's actually silk. Still gorgeous though!

    Wendy: Smart ass.

    Roses: Fab link! Thank you! I've updated the post to include it.

  6. Ever since Katie from Interrobangs did a guest post on thrifting scarves, I ma on hyper alert ot score a major find myself... Love your find...
    Ha... and love that Sal is as awesome in person. Good to know I can drink her under the table... or not?

  7. Omg. Drunk Sal sounds hilarious.

  8. myedit: I should check out that post. Sal is awesome in person and we have to bring her to Canada.

    Gillian: Not drunk! :-) Totally poised. Just not a lush like me!

  9. My secret is out! It was so lovely to FINALLY meet you, and I had a truly marvelous time New Yorking it up with ya!

  10. Sally: I feel I should be writing for People :-)

  11. I'm jealous of your trip!

    Those vintage dress patterns look intriguing.

    I love your scarf. What are you going to wear it with?

  12. That scarf was an excellent find!

  13. Susan: So far I've worn it with a black turtleneck. But it also goes with the orange dress. And I love wearing orange with navy and yellow. So stay tuned!

    Stacy: Isn't it though!!!