Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Pillow Talk

On the weekend, M and I went to The Workroom to learn about sewing essentials. The owner, Karyn, also our teacher, has a lovely craft blog that may interest you...

We made these pillows:

M's Pillow: West Highland Whities or White Scotties - as we like to call them.

Mine is done in this pretty china blue upholstery fabric.

Not a bad effort, yes?

I'm particularly proud of M's accomplishment. She's only 9 years old!


  1. Woo hoo! Both look great - and such fun fabrics.

  2. that is a gorgeous pillow! i love the blue graphics against the pop of the red couch.

  3. So cute! Can't help but think, though, that you need to make another of those Westie pillows to send to our good friend, LBR -- she and Lily would love one!

  4. These are brilliant - I love M's fabric!!

  5. You are both so talented. LOVE the Westies!!Lily wants you to know that Scotties real names are "Black Westies".;-)

  6. Sal: I'm particularly thrilled with the fabrics. My friend Nicole helped me to choose the upholstery one and the Westies just floated out from the sale rack like a dream :-)

    Sophie: thank you! I think it's a nice contrast too...

    mater: You are so on! I intend to go back for more fabric. I only hope they still have it because it was on sale. LBR is in my thoughts...

    D.: Making them puts you in the mood for a nap too :-)

    Kate and Jill: Thank you so much! Jill - your recent post on the doctor kit was outrageous :-)

    Bel: I knew you would have something to say about it :-) We just call them White Scotties when Scott is around. Otherwise they are all Westie to us :-)

  7. Perfect! I love the doggy fabric.f

  8. Janet and E: Thanks so much. I love that doggie fabric too...