Monday, November 2, 2009

Breaking News (Ha!)

A while ago, before I decided I seriously had to get a grip on my cooking habit for the good of my thighs, I bought Michel Roux's Eggs (companion of sorts to his recent book Pastry, which I've written about before). This book is a beautiful resource, which shows how to use eggs - chicken and then some - in endless ways, not simply in omelets and quiche but in sauce, souffle, ice cream, desserts etc.

The photography is beyond lovely and, in true Roux fashion, the recipes are simple, elegant and clear. But impressive!

Ever wondered about the relative sizes of all the eggs produced by all the birds you can imagine (from emu to ostrich to quail to goose)? Well then, this is the book for you.

I'm sure I don't need to convince you that the egg is one of the most awesome and useful foods in nature. A mini universe, each egg provides complete and delicious nourishment and is useful in just about a million contexts.

I fully intend to put this book through its paces - as soon as the holiday season comes around. I'm trying to exercise a bit of baking control for a while - though given my work stress and the move to dark, dank winter I've been finding my calories in the form of chocolate. Lots of chocolate.

Maybe I should try eggs instead.


  1. I've been trying to become more creative in the kitchen... and I really treasure and adore cookbooks, esp with one's mum gives me... this has chicken, which I love.. chicken can be really low cal....

    p.s. The word verification thingy... says "bling she" lol

  2. I might have to get one of his books for Mr MDS - he loves a programme called Masterchef and Michel roux was the chef for the professional comp. He's really good!

  3. I know they're good for you, but they taste like crap to me. Especially the yolk. If I have eggs, it has to be mixed in with other ingredients. Like in the empanadas I get in a nearby bakery.

  4. Watch your cholestrol, too many eggs aren't good for it apparently!

  5. That cover photo is stunning...

  6. What about eggs and chocolate together? ;)

  7. April: It strikes me that more creativity is not something you lack! But I hear you about learning new things...

    Kate: Oooh, I'd love to see that show.

    Christina: Isn't it!

    Raven: I used to go through phases with eggs where i'd be all into them and then all grossed out by them. Now I'm cool with the taste and texture.

    Mardel: It's just awesome.

    Fab: The cholesterol debate is still an open sentence for many. I've read a lot about how food chol. doesn't impact blood chol. But I hear your concern.

    Wendy: The inside is even prettier.

    E: I'm having an easter creme moment!!