Wednesday, November 25, 2009

November Blues

Right about now, I could really handle a lounge by this pool. My friends in SoCal - you are lucky indeed.

Photo courtesy of Studio G


  1. Thanks K - but it's not quite pool weather. Went for a canyon hike last night and "almost" needed a jacket!

  2. I'd like to hang out by that pool too!

  3. Tessa: Maybe that's pool weather in Canada :-)

    Belle: You can join me for drinks by that tree :-)

  4. it's too cold for any pool time here too...probably not as cold as it is there AND if the pool was heated to a nice 89degrees MAYBE....but I'm sitting at my desk in leggings, sweater, jacket, scarf, boots & a space heater and am still cold. lol. I'm not a fan of winter.

    Absolutely LOVE that photo/pool.

  5. Came across you via Miss Cavendish. I like that you have created a liminal space in which to discuss dichotomies. My blog partly started with my exploration into the art/craft one.

    Hope you find a pool on Thanksgiving!

  6. that a larger than life bonsai tree by the pool?? can't tell if it's a normal sized pine looks so artistically sculpted! total awesomeness.

  7. Monkey: You have to remind me?? And now, it's only December :-)

    Maegan: You're ruining the CA fantasy I have :-)

    Sophie: I thought exactly the same thing!

    CluelessCrafter: Thank you so much for stopping by and I must check out your blog. The Thanksgiving pool was not meant to be. But I have my dreams... :-)

    Stephanie: Isn't it? Thank you!

  8. The weather here has been nice and mild, up until yesterday and today. It won't get past 49 right now!

  9. I know, lately y'all have been having some grouchy weather. Even rain(?!) if I'm hearing correctly.