Monday, November 9, 2009

Built By Kristin*

*And Scott

If you know anything about sewing, this effort might seem juvenile. But consider: It represents our first attempt at a) reading and cutting a pattern b) cutting out fabric c) machine sewing d) understanding the mechanics of a machine and e) interpreting sewing terminology (another freakin' language).

And if you think I'm going to show you the inner seams you are high on drugs.


  1. It's adorable! Let's see it on.

  2. I think that is fabulous. And considering you've never sewn anything else or used a sewing machine it is doubly fabulous. I've seen RTW that is far worse.


  3. wow! you have trumped me in my sewing skills, which don't exist.
    this is a fantastic start!

  4. Well done!! There'll be no stopping you now x

  5. Nice job. Let's see them filled!

  6. It looks amazing--first effort or no! & I'm grinning about the inner seams.

  7. YEAH!!!!!! Looks so nice, now we want to see it on.

    Great work dear, congrats.


  8. Great top seams!!!!! Congrats!

    Happily, my word to type in is "metric."

  9. [expletive]

    girl, you DID it! It looks great. Now, as previously requested, let's see it on!

  10. Awesome job! I bet M's version will look fabulous too.

  11. Sal: It's all about the try-on with you, honey :-) Trust me, it fits! But I will do a photo post soon.

    Mardel: What a loving comment. Thank you so much for your feedback. Coming from you - sewer and knitter - that means a lot.

    Jennine: Thank you! Now you have to make a skirt and post about it. Let's do a little - "former non-sewers become all sewing-fabulous"!

    Kate: Thank you! I hope you are right.

    D.: Thanks, photo post coming.

    Ambika: Thanks! I mean, my inner seams are not yours! (Not yet, anyway!!)

    Seeker: I will post photos soon. Really!

    Miss C: Hilarious word ver. And I am really proud of the top seams. Given that I have no experience, I feel that was the thing I did best. Last weekend I made another skirt for M for Xmas. Thank goodness I worked in blue thread, because that top-stitching wasn't the best. Nonetheless, I'll keep on.

    E: I love it when you all cursey on me :-) Will do.

  12. your first skirt looks amazing!! congrats :D

  13. Beautiful!
    No one ever needs to see the inner seams : )

  14. Wendy: Thanks!

    Sophie: Your bag looks awesome too!

    Janet: You know that's the truth :-)

  15. Raven: I am going to post about M's skirt. Just need some time to take the pics...