Monday, January 28, 2008

Undergarments for the Modern (Curvy) Gal

In case you thought I was joking about my love of lingerie, this post will disabuse you of that crazy idea. Underwear makes the difference between a smooth line and - if you don't weigh 96 lbs - a lumpy silhouette. And, truly, there are so many places for the lumps to lurk. For example:

  • Upper back

  • Derriere

  • Top of the breast (overspilling)

  • Abdominal (upper and/or lower?!)

  • Upper thigh
I know, Dear Reader, you aren't an idiot. You've walked down the street on a hot as hell July afternoon and seen the atrocities splayed out before you. Maybe you've even had a look in the mirror and noted a few of these, ahem, challenges on your own form (though I can't imagine that could be the case. For if you had, I'm sure you would have hightailed it over to XYZ Fancy Bra Boutique for a Ms. Fix It moment.)

Having said all this, it's always fab to look at pictures of elegant underwear. And all the better if it's educational to boot! (Note: This post would be massive if we aimed to solve each of the myriad lump challenges listed above. So let's focus on a couple of sexy, yet practical, bras for now...)

Basic Isn't Code for Drab

Observe the neutral colour (skin tone bras are the only ones that are actually nude under white and very light coloured tops) and the relatively smooth fabric. Sure, seamless would be that much flatter under a tight shirt, but those seams are doing the heavy lifting.

Also note the balconette - or horizontal - cut along the top of the breasts. These breasts are large but the bra is up to the challenge. Undercup seaming and corset underwire work with sleek - but strong - straps to really lift.

One other key feature to note: The wire rests flush against the sternum and underneath the breasts. If it doesn't adhere, stay clear!

Now take a look at the back view...

While this bra is a great fit for a broad - but slim - woman with large breasts, if you have fat on your upper ribcage, chances are it won't be right for you...

For upper torso padding, defer to a wider band. Fortunately, not all wide bands are matronly, but I won't lie - the sexy ones are certainly harder to locate. Fantasie (and to a lesser extent, Freya) are good bets if you have large breasts and a fleshy torso.

But Grrrrls Cannot Live on Beige Alone

In the interests of full disclosure, I'm a woman with large breasts and a small ribcage, which is why Freya works so well for me. When I bought this bra it blew me away. The colour (cotton candy), the lace work (which is flat under most shirts) the bow details, the low cut (but supportive) balconette. No joking around, it looks just like this on, and with the matching bottoms - I have a string thong and a gorgeous, flattering low-rise brief, I feel like a hollywood starlet.

Corsets are Sexy - and they really work (as long as they actually fit)

If you can find one that's quite snug in the torso with a built in bra that follows all the rules (underwire must lie flat) then this is a crazy, sexy way to underpin your Von Furstenburg wrap dress.

And Finally...

A word about whether to match undies: Please do.

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