Wednesday, January 30, 2008

In Defense of Minimalism

These shoes really blow my mind:

What can I say - the rich, muted colour scheme, the luscious suede patchwork, the architectural heel... Totally love them though, given the lifestyle, I'm not going to be buying them anytime soon.
They're made by a NY label - Banfi Zambrelli - a line, I must admit, I'm not familiar with. (This is why we troll the web.) Check out their interesting site at


  1. These I love. Have you visited Te Casan yet? There you'll also find a good mix of shoes--many eccentric but wearable.

  2. I hadn't but I just gave them a look over and there is some really great wearable stuff. I particularly like the Lex black suede booties. They'd look so great with a skinny jean. Thanks for your comment. K