Friday, January 25, 2008

Did I Mention I Love Cashmere?

I know, it's hardly cutting edge - but it can be edgy. The evidence: My newest addition to the K cashmere family - a knee-length, cool grey cardigan by Line. Unfussy elasticized ruching - that runs from the collar to the hem - endows it with a very modern appeal. And the tie that runs along the hem facilitates shortening this garment to a hip-length blouson. Admittedly, that's more how the kids are wearing it. Which is precisely what I love about this piece - It's so deliciously soft, so beautifully (which is to say slim-ly) tailored and modular. It says, you can be prim and sexy. And you can be warm!

Now the $400.00 pricetag kind of shook me. No joking, I do not buy retail if there's anyway around it. I went back to Mendocino 3 times over the course of about a month, each time observing the (already small) stock dwindle. Just before Xmas - when, arguably, I should have been saving for the loved ones - I caved and bought. But I am delighted to report that I have not had a moment of regret.

(Still figuring out how to take pics that aren't fuzzy so please stay tuned.)


  1. My girl freind loves them too,but she says some times there are cashmere sweaters that itch when u put them on!

  2. Kenny:Thanks for finding a post so far from the past. I never find cashmere itchy. But angora is sooo itchy on me!