Saturday, January 26, 2008

The Best Leather Jacket Ever...

Watcha think of this gorgeous bit of design?!

My mother, bless her heart, bought it for me as a Christmas present when she was visiting from North Carolina in December. It was not on sale. And a propos of this, you've probably determined, even at this early stage of our acquaintanceship, that I am not one of those girls who thinks talking about price is louche. So prepare yourself for this scary sum: $600.00 at Sisley (well really, at Benetton on Bloor Street, but it's a Sisley design). Worth every penny.

Don't know if these pics do it justice, but the leather is literally butter-soft in a perfect shade of chestnut brown. The silk lining is a gorgeous moire but it's really the cut that takes the cake. Can you see the gorgeous button up cowl? It looks as good fastened as not. Do you observe the perfect drape of the fabric? I mean, it's a double-breasted jacket which is usually the kiss of death on a short girl with boobs, but it hangs perfectly and looks (if my mother is to be believed) even better from the back than from the front!

And finalement, those sleeves - they manage to be long and a bell (my preferred shape for everything). They're pleated at the seams, for God's sake! Such workmanship is rare in anything short of "designer" wear.

Thank you to Mom (and fashion fairies who toiled to make this work of art).

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