Saturday, October 30, 2010

Stairways to Heaven

OMG - you must check out this site:

Couldn't you just see this in a thriller/suspense film as the unfortunate instrument of death for the gorgeous wife with a drinking problem whose wealthy (but mean) husband is looking for plausible, alimony-free way out?

How is it that, in these promo photos, the kids are the ones who get these awesome nooks with great natural lighting and reclaimed wood stairs that double as drawers?? The drawer stairs ROCK MY WORLD!

I had no idea... If only I were one of those independently wealthy, lover of innovative and chic interior client-types. I could do that role so well.


  1. That nook is amazing. If I lives in that house I can tell you that I would spend a whole lot of time in that nook.
    Something about shot #1 makes me think that if there was going to be a murder in that house it would involve a VERY expensive German knife. The husband did it with a Chef's knife in the kitchen.
    Didn't mean to get all CLue on you!;-)

  2. Fabulous! Lately (probably because we have a great carpenter putting in our skylights and I know he does fine and creative finishing work/cabinetry as well), I've been dreaming about the stairs I originally wanted for our house -- each post made from a recognizable tree branch (bark stripped, beautifully finished) -- I had clipped the photo from one of the houseporn mags. In the end, the mantra "the mortgage must not top x$" won out, and the posts are simple oak. But for some reason, that dream's been resurfacing . . .
    Oh well, while we're living without the independent wealth, at least we know we have great taste, right?!

  3. What a great idea to make stairs double as drawers. Ingenious.

  4. I love it! On that first pic, though, either a jockey is opening the door or they have 15 foot ceilings. Weird.

  5. Well you know I love clever storage. And as I grew up in the suburbs in open track housing the mark of extreme wealth was "A double storey house with STAIRS"

    So I really loved playing on stairs. xx

  6. Oh what great stairs! I have basic one's in mine, but in my dream home I want "fantastical" stairs! Sigh....

  7. Bel: No doubt, the knife would be German. And they'd solve the case by discovering a bizarre serial number that relates to an off shore account :-)

    Mater: Nothing looks as good as having an affordable mortgage feels :-)

    Susan: I know!!

    Ricky: You are so right. I didn't realize it till you pointed it out.

    Lisa: For me, wealth was about pools :-)

    Victoria: Think of all the fabric you could stash :-)

  8. I love that nook. I would spend a lot of time in that nook.

    As for the other house, I think it is a child at the door, or really tall ceilings which is kind of creepy and only emphasizes the sharp sterility of the setting. Definitely a german knife.

    I agree, wealth was all about the pools :-)

  9. M: I'd spend a lot of time there too! And my first question to every new friend when growing up was "do you have a pool??"