Monday, December 30, 2013

Two Socks, One Week: Working the Foot

Baseline: Sock 1, Day 3
Timeline: 105 minutes OR Step 6 (from yesterday's post) and Step 7

So, now that you're finished making the gusset, let's move on to a much more mellow part of the process...

Step 7: Working the Foot is the easiest part of the sock - IMO - especially as the end is in sight. Simply knit those 56 stitches again and again and again till your sock foot is the desired length. Put it on and check every now and again. 7-7.5 inches is what works for me, but this is dependent on the length of your foot and the give in the fabric you're making.

Don't merely consider the ruler numbers. Compare one sock to the other to ensure you've got two socks that look the same. (Note: I neglected to do this, so intent am I on documenting things, so my socks are actually of slightly different foot lengths. Blocking will probably take care of it but, really, don't make my mistake!)

Here's my sock just before it's time for Steps 8 and 9 - making the toe and grafting it closed.  Oooh, fun times:

How's it going for you?

Tomorrow we finish Sock 1, peeps! (well, save for weaving ends and blocking, which we'll save till the very end of the project.) Exciting!

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