Thursday, November 21, 2013

Two Socks, One Week: Let's Do This Thing

OK, it seems we have a quorum of interested participants so let's make it official!

Here's what I propose re: high-level timing. Some of you have pointed out that it's important to know about yarn and needles sooner rather than later - so that you can purchase before the Xmas rush. Of course, that starts to raise topics such as "what about gauge" and "what length of circular needle is optimal". I'm going to address those questions up front along with thoughts about yarns that work best. And I intend to do it sooner, rather than later (even if we see those posts and then have a bit of a break on the topic), so that you can pull together supplies.

In brief (and posts will happen to clarify what's happening when):

From Now and Through the Week of November 25: 

  • A discourse on yarn and the optimal needles for magic loop aka what do I need?
  • Gauge and socks: How necessary is it really? This will no doubt be supported by a post that considers the dimensions of the socks I've made vs. the dimensions of my foot
  • Meet the pattern (just to show you what we'll be working with - not to discuss it in any depth at this time)
  • How do we do this in a week? (What does this mean, practically, in terms of day-to-day knitting requirements?)

In the Middle of December (not too close to Xmas, so y'all can give it some attention):

  • A in-depth discussion about magic loop - how and why
  • An in-depth discussion about the pattern and how it will work (I hope!) to facilitate fun and fast completion of your socks
  • Magic loop vs. DPNs - hopefully I'll have used DPNs at this point. I am chagrined to tell you that, heretofore, I've never knit in the round without using magic loop. I'm planning a gloves project to start in the next week, for which I do intend to use DPNs. Needless to say, this post may be more conceptual than "long-term-experienced-by-Kristin"-based.

The Project Week (Dec. 29 - Jan 5)
  • Technically this gives us 8 days, or 2 Sundays. This is more for me than you - because I intend to post the first post on the 29th but you might not start your work till the Monday. I'm going to stay one-to-two posts ahead of the curve so that you have enough to occupy you, but not to overwhelm.
  • Obvs, sock 1 is the same as sock 2, so they'll be more to say in the first part of the week than the second. But I'm ready for lots of questions - which may require additional posts - and I do think there are considerations when knitting the second sock we'll need to address.
  • There is a way to use 1 pair of circulars to make 2 socks simultaneously. While it's very appealing, I haven't tried it yet cuz it would be some work to figure it out and, as I've suggested, the thing I like most about knitting socks is that I don't feel compelled to get all inventive. Note: We won't be using this version of magic loop sock knitting in this KAL though I welcome discussion about it.

I'm so excited to work with you on this as a community undertaking - skill and experience sharing - and with enthusiastic feedback from you all. I would ask that, if you do intend to participate, and you have a blog, that you might mention this KAL in one of your upcoming posts, so that we have an opportunity to get the word out. And on that point, it's very enjoyable to see finished objects so, if you care to take a photo of your completed socks (and post it up on your blog - or email it to me so I can post it here), that would be great. No pressure, though. This is about learning and discussion - and making 2 socks in the most efficient fashion. You don't have any obligations...

Thoughts and feelings about timelines? Topics we'll cover? Do you have something you think I should add in? Let's talk!


  1. I have not participated in any KAL, but I plan to this time. I have only used DPN or two-at-a-time for my sock knitting. For the two-at-a-time I have only used patterns specifically designed for that technique. I would like to challenge myself to convert a regular pattern to that method, so I may just do that with this KAL. (We'll see how busy I am once I see the pattern.) I'm excited!

    1. Woohoo - glad you are in. This pattern may be a really good resource for you because I devised it to work for magic loop, but I show the DPN sections. Have a look and then see if you prefer to challenge yourself this time out or work with what's provided. Either way, I'm sure you'll make great socks.

  2. So, I realize that I am 4 months late to the KAL party, but I'm going to do this thing anyway, following along with your timelines. Got my supplies, etc, so off I go. I'm a notoriously slow knitter, but if all works well for a pair of socks for me, than perhaps I can complete a pair for my husband's birthday in July. That seems ambitious...

    1. Hey Ellen: That's great! Keep me posted on how it goes and def send me pics! If you have any questions as you go, feel free to email.