Tuesday, November 26, 2013


You know I don't go clothes shopping that often. OK, I'm sure that's a total lie, but I don't go nearly as often as I used to - or nearly as often as many others who totally love clothing (as I do).

On the weekend, after my great Club Monaco score, I was motivated to do a bit of shopping. Truth is, I didn't want to make something. I didn't want to think about it. I didn't want to consider math. I wanted to go into a store, beautifully set up for the holidays, touch all of the things, look at the sparkles, consider the possibilities. And then buy a few things that fit me well right. fucking. now.

Fortunately, I have a gift in that respect.

Club Monaco (really the only high-street store I visit - I really do love that place and have done forever) is having some of the more amazing sales I've seen. This whole Americanization of Thanksgiving/Xmas has totally transformed the landscape of holiday shopping. I can't say - as I love to shop and I love a deal - that I'm unhappy because of it. Even though it is a wholesale change to the philosophy with which I holiday-shopped for most of my life.

The store was a zoo. I don't like crowds but it was under my freak-out threshold so I persisted. I was there to by Scott an Xmas outfit - really adorable merino sweater in electric blue and hipster jeans. He's gone back to the gym in the last year so he's rather trim. I needed to buy him a couple of things in his current size. I have to say, for a guy who'll be 50 in June, he's looking fine. How many men in that age range fit into 31" slim jeans designed for 20 year olds - and not look like they're trying?

Anyway, enough about him. This is about me.

I bought 3 things - 1 of which is a wide(ish) / deep(ish) v neck black Italian merino slim-fit sweater. There are no good photos of it because CM insists on showing everything oversized on models with no curves (not even the kind of curves the curvy models have) and it's unfortunate. Sweaters benefit from boobs. So I'm not showing a photo, but you can find it in store and online.

Shoppers take note: Everything in store and online, which is currently on sale, is on sale for an additional 30% off. You did read that right. This means that, after tax, a total haul which would have cost me $412.00 ended up setting me back $180.00. And for that I got BEAUTIFUL garments that I'll be able to wear under many circumstances. They feel gorgeous, they look gorgeous. They fit well.

In addition to the sweater mentioned above (originally well-priced at 90 bucks, I got it for 59 bucks) I bought the following:

Georgia top - I'm showing it without a body cuz, of course, they style everything over-sized and I find that lackluster...

It's silk and merino - very fine merino - and I love the construction. The dolman sleeve gives some interest and a looseness but the sweater portion fits snug. It's a bit sexy but in no way inappropriate. The colour and textures are rich and I can totally knock this off with my own fabrics, when the mood strikes. To give you a sense of the over-sized ridiculousness, I bought mine in XS and it's not tight. Original price: $119.50. I paid: $44.00.

And finally, some more pants - cuz really I need them. Casual pants only have a certain lifespan, especially when you walk miles in them every day:

Carolina Skinny Waxed Pants in navy
Fun story: When I was seeking these out in a size 8 (the size I tend to be in pants these days), the SA urged me to go up a size, since they fit "super small". Alas, there were no 10s, so I just said, whatevs, let's try the 8 anyway. Well, the 8 fit pretty well, which makes me feel like maybe the work I've been doing, to undercut the ravages of perimenopause, is having some observable effect. These are super-cool - waxy but not shiny, and not thick in their waxiness. They're a dulled-navy shade and, while in a perfect world I'd have the rise an inch higher - the height is not a deal-breaker. I will say, if you carry mass in your hips or thighs, these may not flatter. They're also pretty short. I don't need to alter the length at all. While my legs are long, proportionately, I'm only 5'3". Original price: $149.50. I paid: $69.00. Seriously, who can find a pair of pants for that price?? You can barely make a pair of pants for that price.

At any rate, may I urge you to get yourself online, or in store, if you're in the market for anything chic but casual for Xmas. They also have ZILLIONS of gorgeous gift items (cashmere everything) for great prices. If I were buying gifts this year (other than the rare few for M and Scott), I'd be all over this stuff (as I usually am). Note: I'm making my gifts this year. It's not that I'm totally bah-humbug...

So, whatcha think??


  1. I walked in to Club Monaco yesterday during a lunch break and I must confess when I saw the sales I run away. Fast. I've already gone over budget with my holiday spending so this was not on the cards for me. And no here you are, tempting me again... you do know I work basically in the mall, don't you?

    1. Yeah, I don't know how you manage that. The only thing in my favour is that none of the CM locations is super close. Of course, they're both walking distance from where I work, but a bit of a hike - esp. for lunch. So I don't have the same temptations.

  2. Thanks Kristin for the heads up. Who doesn't like a good sale. I love alot of the styles and yes, please I'll take a pair of those skinny waxed pants! Glad you got some great deals!

  3. Oh wow! That's a crazy sale! I bought waxed jeans this weekend as well, and they were def. not $69!! (J-Brand, black, bought at Anthropologie where the so-cute young salesgirls were so helpful to this Woman of More than a Certain Age that the price was almost unimportant. Especially since I'm down a couple of sizes from last purchase. But still -- $69?! And yours are super-cool in that navy!

    1. Um, I can imagine how NOT 69 bucks your pants were. :-) You could always try the CM ones and return the others if the CM ones look as good. Or you could keep both!