Sunday, July 28, 2013

The Summer Series: Perfecting the Clone Pattern (Prototype B)

I'm still not going to allow optimism to influence this experience, but occasionally I have to relax my grip.

I mean, it's getting rather close - in a positive way. Can't comment yet on the bra's potential supportiveness - I'm still working on fit and one can only manage so many things in one muslin - but let me show you some pics of the pattern I cut going into this version:

That's the layout of one half of the bra, from the bridge aka front gore (on the left of the pic), to the band on the right.

I urge you, Ladies of the curves, to observe the relative size and shape of the outer cup lower cup (that thing that looks just like a human heart!). Note the proportional tininess of the inner lower cup and the thinness of the bridge.

Here's a shot of the underlined upper cup lace:

The rest of the bra is pink, with beige accents. I think it's going to look good but one never knows...

Finally, here's a shot of both sides of the band, which I've doubled up (beige on inside side, pink on the right side) with an aim to increasing its firmness:

I'm about 2/3 through the process of constructing prototype 2 at this point, which will not be wearable but is getting close.

What I realize I'll have to change in the next version is:
  • Add extra length to the back band if I intend to double the powernet (and I do). This is too firm at the current length to close without pulling. It's easy to add length to the back at the beginning and you can always cut it down. But you can't go in the other direction.
  • Change the angle of the boning - I aligned it with the centre back but I think I should have aligned it to the side cup.
  • Figure out how to attach the back band to the cup so that it aligns perfectly. I've got some wonk going on. Further to this, I want to use picot at the base of the lower inner cup (to carry the theme along of that on the band and the bridge.
There are many other little alterations - cutting the top of the bridge down by 1/3 inch and lengthening/shortening pieces by a smidge. So pls. stay tuned.

I do intend to show a finished version of this prototype B which, while not able to be worn, will still warrant a look - if only to show the cup projection.

Today's question: Whatcha think of the flat pattern pieces. Whack, huh?!