Thursday, July 25, 2013

I Spoke Too Soon...

At the risk of seeming like an idiot, I take it all back about Banana Republic failing on the T shirt front. I went there on a whim yesterday - even though on no-spend watch, they sent me a coupon for 40 per cent off and I'm weak - and found this T in a bunch of colours:

Banana Republic Piped Luxe Tee - The click-to photo shows the T in a diff colour and with better fit, IMO...
(Trust me, the fit is much better than it looks on this model who, while lovely, is really badly styled and wearing a shirt that doesn't fit her particularly well. And that thing around her neck is jewelry, btw, not some weird neck decoration attached to the shirt.)

The composition of the top is rayon, Tencel (why am I not surprised?) and a minority amount of cotton. Very good combo!

It's even available in petite size (which is what I bought, what with the narrow shoulders and the short waist). The small fits beautifully and the fabric is delicious. It skims where it should and clings where it should. A narrow band of satin trim at the crew neck is a very sweet element that gives the shirt extra scope. You can easily dress it up. And, on sale it cost 30 bucks (including tax). Which is why I bought 3 and why I would have bought a fourth if only they'd had it in black.

Alas, it's not avail in the more basic colours online anymore - and it's fairly picked over at the store too.

Gotta say, BR had a zillion totally adorable T shirt style tops, in lovely fabrics, in store - many of them with stripes (which is my fave, of course). 

So, if you happen to go check it out, do tell me what you think, ok?


  1. Oh, that one does look scrumptious.

  2. oh yes, some of my favorite tees are from BR! haven't bought any in a few years so i had kind of forgotten, but the ones in my closet have held up well!

  3. Sometimes you've just got to put it out there and the clothing gods listen. ;-)

  4. I remember the days when BR ONLY had clothes that looked like they belonged on the set of a Safari-type movie. Most everything (if I recall correctly) was in some shade of khaki.

  5. OK, I've worn them all now and they are a real find!

    And Mary - I remember that too :-)