Saturday, July 13, 2013

Speak of the Devil

All this talk of layering cardigans, when added to the heady mid-summer sales, may just lead to your advantage...

Ewanika, a store I've loved and shopped at for years - but which I don't frequent as much as I used to because a) it moved a bit out of my circuit and b) I make most of my clothes these days - is having a terrific summer sale.  The website says up to 40 per cent off but I just got an email advising that today the price reductions are up to 50 per cent.

The accessories are particularly wonderful at this boutique and Trish, the owner and designer/manufacturer of many of the items stocked (though not knits), is a model of the modern fashion entrepreneur. The clothing is beautiful, well-made and the store is a delight.

This store does stock Ca Va de Soi. If you're in town, you can call to find out if any of the sweaters remain (and, if yes, make sure to confirm that they're included in the sale). Non-TO peeps: I'm not sure if Trish will ship sale garments but you might want to call and ask.

I, on the other hand, have to stay the hell away from every store in the universe. Seriously, it's austerity measures chez K. Mind you, at 50 per cent off, that slim cardi is gonna be affordable... :-)


  1. Staying the hell away from stores myself, so good thing I'm far away from this temptation. . . . The website shows some gorgeous stuff!

  2. Good luck on your bra quest! I have been struggling with it myself. For bra supplies, I have found etsy to be a surprisingly good resource, and often with much better prices than Bra Makers Supply. Hope you post up your results!