Sunday, August 14, 2011

EuroLoot: Silk Scarf (Handmade by Artist) - Paris

Reports of the end of Euro posts have been greatly exaggerated.

So I lied. Are you really going to hold it against me when you see the goodies??

To give you context for the EuroLoot series, this is where, over the next week or so, I'll show photos of my purchases in Amsterdam and Paris.

Some of these were bought by me, some by my husband as memorable and generous gifts.

You should be aware that, contrary to my usual philosophy (buy great things, but on sale) and my recent practice (make most garments by hand), I did not limit myself. Natch, some things were totally out of the realm of financial feasibility, but to the best of my ability, if I saw it and loved it (and it could fit in the one, carry-on suitcase I brought with me to Europe), I took the plunge.

For starters, here's a handmade scarf I found at an artist's market on the Left Bank:

Lucky that the as-yet unfinished wrap dress, still on the form, matches in colour-tone, yes?

Note the signature on the edge of the fabric...

The silk is of beautiful quality and the screening is superb. I love its geometric nod. It's like an earth-tone Mondrian with a few circles thrown in.

I could tell that the artist was thrilled when I tried it on and tied it in a number of different (blog-learned) ways. Not only did she enjoy seeing her work in action, but it does suit my blond pallor well. I love that it's the only one of its kind.


  1. That's a beauty!! And it looks amazing with that dress.

  2. I think my last comment got disappeared. Very sinister. Just said how perfect that scarf is for that dress -- but also, how perfect that scarf is on its own. Gorgeous!

  3. Yes, earth-toned Mondrian with a few circles thrown in!

    It is beautiful, what a lucky find. And I'm so glad you gave it a whirl with the artist looking on. I bet she was thrilled.

  4. Ooh la la! I love it! And orange is my favorite color, so I double love it with the dress! LOL.

  5. it is gorgeous! and it sure looks fabulous with that dress!

  6. une femme: merci beaucoup!

    mater: It's so special. When I saw it next to the dress I couldn't believe it. Note: No saying I'm ever going to wear that dress. I'm on the fence about it.

    Susan: You can see I was not an art major :-)

    Clio: Thanks! Orange is def in my top 3 fave colours. It's so malleable. I'm always surprised that people avoid it.

    J: Thanks! Obviously, I have a real affinity for that shade of orange.

  7. Oh, that scarf is utterly lovely! I covet.

  8. what a gorgeous scarf! wear it in good health :)

  9. Thanks Ladies! I'll never put it on without thinking of the perfect place where I bought it - which makes it that much better looking :-)