Tuesday, August 23, 2011

EuroLoot: Coral Cashmere - Paris

Why save the best for last, I say?

This is perhaps the most fantastic cashmere I've ever bought. Three-ply and insanely soft, there was NO. FUCKING. WAY I was leaving Paris boutique, Sandro, without it.

Ever heard of Sandro? It's a Paris-born chain (for want of a better term) that's gone Europe-wide (and will go international soon). The link shows photos of the very place I shopped - and it doesn't do it justice. What a pleasantly adult experience.

I've rarely spent more on a single item of clothing than on this, but on those I have, they were also cashmere - or fur. It's a perfect, vibrant coral - and I don't even like coral!? - that goes so well with my skin tone it floored me. Hell, it floored the sales associate, a friendly though reserved, totally attractive French guy who (frankly) didn't have the acting skills to fake his reaction.

Check out the asymmetric front on this thing, and the side vents. To me, it says: "I have so many other pieces of glorious cashmere, I've decided to go with the most insane cut and colour that a turtle neck has ever seen".

I love the rib and those little holes that sit atop it. They give a luxe texture to the knit.

And here am I, at De Kas (the best restaurant I've been to in a long time), having just finished a glass of Champagne with lemon verbena sprigs, unsure of what would come next - but certain I would not be disappointed:

a bad backdrop, huh?


  1. love love love Sandro- congrats- great purchase! x shayma

  2. Fabulous! You will be loving this piece for years to come and looking stunning in it. What a great souvenir of your trip.

  3. I have a skirt that's Sandro and a scarf that I love. That coral cashmere is just yummy.

  4. That's a fabulous sweater, and the color is AMAZING on you!!! Love those details that take it just a notch above Yet Another Turtleneck.

  5. Wow - I can see what all the flooring was about. Awesome sweater.

  6. I hereby crown you Queen of sweaters!

    Look at you girl!

    WendyB is right -- sex-ay.

  7. yes yes yes! Orange is a GREAT color on you! (um, orange is my favorite color. so I'm biased. But it does look great on you.) A real statement piece.

  8. Thank you so much everyone! You are all so sweet to me.

    I'm impressed y'all know Sandro - what with my just having figured it out! :-)

    I do feel I'll wear this for years to come - and that it's not standard issue.

  9. Gorgeous! That colour is amazing on you! And you have the prefect lipstick to match!

  10. OK so this is my favourite so far - you have good taste dear! Wonder if Sandro will come down under...? Hmm

  11. Carolyn: Thank you. It's actually not a perfect match though it does look that way in the photo!

    Emily: Why thank you! I wonder if they're ever going to come to Canada...