Sunday, August 21, 2011

Back to the Future

My child goes away for 6 weeks and comes back looking like:

a) she's 15, and
b) she washed up ashore from 1983.

She shopped for these clothes herself - under the benevolent supervision of my mother, who had no difficulties of any sort (she would like you all to know). The glasses are fake. How on earth anyone of any generation can get away with 80's glasses is beyond me, but I think she manages it. Good thing, since she has 2 pairs - these and a black and white checkerboard version?!

PS: That's the mandated pixie haircut 2 months in. Lord, that haircut caused misery. It was the necessary outcome of a lice incident (the one that broke the camel's back). It didn't help that a little kid in North Carolina mistook her for Justin Bieber and almost started a mob.

PPS: Trying to draw hairstyle comparisons to gorgeous supermodels from the 80s has had relatively little positive effect, what with my kid having absolutely no sense of anything before 1995.

Ms. E's wan grin gives evidence of her prediction that one day children would be unaware of her great influence.


  1. I was not nearly that cool in 1983. Pretty sure I had the same glasses, but that was because I NEEDED them.

    She looks adorable! I like the haircut, although I get why it would need to be short. With boys we've had a much easier time corralling lice. Is it just me or does lice seem to be making a comeback? I never had them as a kid and don't remember anyone I know having them. Of course, I might just have been that unpopular.

  2. How WILDLY cute is that? I want her to be my friend:).

  3. I can't wait for my pixie cut to grow out. It's been two months as well and I'm over it.

  4. She looks fantastic! I love the hair cut. So cute.

  5. I "heart" this post so much! Your daughter... my gosh... what a cutie and what a stylish little squirt! Yes, it's hard to imagine not being aware of anything pre 1990. I feel sorry that kids today didn't get to experience that decade!

  6. LSCG: Me too! And I never met a kid with lice when I was young. I never had them.

    LPC: Thank you! (See how I take all the credit for her cuteness??)

    Raven: Fair enough, but isn't it easier to maintain?

    Susan: Thank you!

    F: Presence she has in spades :-)

    Stacy: Isn't she hilarious? I feel like I've walked back in time!

  7. ugh! we had a lice incident a few weeks ago when my son got back from camp. We we ended up giving my 8-year old boy his first buzz cut. he had almost shoulder length hippy curls for his whole life. i am still coming to terms with the new look. I did not cut my girls hair (or mine) despite the lice)

    Your daughter is adorable. she looks like a mini-you.

  8. she is totally rocking out the whole look!

    also - i am tempted to get a radical pixie haircut after years of thinking about getting one. your daughter is ahead of her time! :)

  9. LMAO! To be honest, eighties short haircuts (on girls, anyway) are the only good haircuts from that decade, IMO. But then I love spiky, pixie haircuts. I do not love the eighties in general, but my hubby does so I try to find their redeeming virtues.

    Tyo came back from my sister-in-law's distinctly looking, ah, adolescent, too. Though not as much as your daughter.

  10. Your daughter is sooo cute, and I love her pixie haircut! If it makes you feel any better, I think pixie cuts are very "now" too!
    Thank you so much for your lovely comment about my quilt

  11. BAD.ASS. Keep her away from all boys.

  12. Wendy: Isn't that hilarious?!

    Farah: I really empathize. It's such a lot of work (twice as much, for you). I hope your time in Mexico gives you a wonderful rest...

    Miss S: I like to think she's ahead of her time :-) You should try it!

    T: I can see it in those pictures!

    Carolyn: Your quilt is inspiring. Almost enough to get me to take up the craft. Thanks to you!

    G.: I know. :-)

  13. I thought that was a school-girl photo of you.