Saturday, April 10, 2010

Less is MOR

You know how I'm doing my little "no frittering" challenge, which I've extended until early June. It pertains specifically to clothing, nothing else, and I've managed to resist temptation rather impressively. Of course, it's easy to resist when everything else is theoretically on the table.

Today I had to go out to replenish my stash soap and hand cream. I'm certainly not thrifty with beauty products and potions. In fact I threw in a little new body wash.

I should mention: I'm feeling rather overwhelmed lately. I have some pretty big things launching soon at work. I have some significant responsibilities at home. I also have some goals I'm trying to achieve (on the work and life fronts) and I don't know how to find the extra energy required.

My creativity feels a little over-tapped right now, to be honest, and my posting may be a bit short or sporadic - or as active as ever. (You know how I like to fuck around with everybody's expectations.) I may not be as active a contributor on your blogs or as immediately responsive to your fabulous comments. It's not that I'm not reading - and loving your work - because surely I am. I just need to find some way to restore my equilibrium.

But back to the potions: My olfactory sense is particularly acute. I'm sure this is the origin of my 7-month vomit fest during pregnancy. I'm the kind of person who can tell what soap you use from 10 feet. I love scent - of course, except for that which I hate - particularly florals with chypre. My body chemistry metabolizes florals quickly, emphasizing musk. On some, florals are pedestrian. On me, they're sexy (go figure).

Happily, while at my potion shop, I came across this:

On first inhale, I was transported by its lush, almost overpowering bouquet. I should have picked out the ylang ylang instantly (I didn't).

It made me feel a little less stuck. A little more like I'm part of the air and the earth and the change of seasons.

I bought it and, every once in a while, I open the cap (it's a roll-on perfume oil) and smell the heady top notes.

What do you do to restore your sense of balance? How do you manage ennui?


  1. ennui is the feeling of hitting bottom. Not a very terrible kind of bottom, but a low none-the-less. It is an opportunity to rest and think about new things and start climbing back up!

  2. Totally, totally agree about FLORALS.. I like dark, or sweet.

  3. I was worried about you today - you have been a bit sporadic but life will do that to blogging,

    I wear the classics - all at once! I have skin that absorbs perfumes easily so whatever is there blends well. xx

  4. I don't know what to do to restore my balance... still trying to figure it out. I love the packaging of this lovely product. I'm not familiar with it. Must check it out!

  5. Wine! Which I think I might give up then I'd have to be focused and sorted! Perfume is a fab mood lifter though.
    But well done on no fritter - I haven't spent anything yet at all. I'm amazed.

  6. Hmmmm.... I'd love to get a whiff of lush florals right now!

    Running and yoga and hot tea with honey really help me to maintain some semblance of balance. It's hard to fit them in right now, but I know that it pays off in my mood and energy levels.

  7. D.: You're right, let's focus on the climb - from which the view is better.

    April: Aren't they the best.

    Hammie: My skin absorbs it too! I think, the more airy you are in personality (and I don't mean airhead-y!) the faster your body metabolizes these things. It's a theory, anyway.

    Stacy: It's from Australia...

    Kate: Don't be giving up wine!

    Dora: Warm beverages are very good for balance. I totally agree...