Thursday, April 8, 2010

FBA*: First Time's A Bust

I am following the rulez. Swear! This is what the instructions tell you to do.

I can see I may have to stop posting about sewing for a while because every fucking new thing that involves boobs and catering to their voluptuousness seems to be failing. I mean, everything seems to be providing me with a great learning opportunity.

I mean, totally fuck that. What am I, a grade 1 teacher??

Thing is, I'm happy to bitch about this ad nauseum. It strikes me, however, that you may be vaguely irritated by my constant irritation.

Here are my questions du jour - aimed at the sewists but pls, anyone and everyone must provide feedback:
  • Have you done an FBA? Did it work the first time?
  • Was it the Y variety rather than just the normal one?
  • How big a centre gap do you think you can you accomodate with the regular FBA (not the Y version)? I think I have to add 2.5 inches - is that too much with the regular version?
  • Have you struggled with the apex going too low once you make the adjustment?
  • Have you struggled with the back being shorter than the front at the end?
  • With a narrow back and large chest, do you find that the number of inches you need to increase the pattern by is actually smaller?
*FBA = Full Bust Adjustment. It's designed to make woven and, to some extent knit, patterns (which are cut in general for a 34B chest) perfectly fitting for any woman, regardless of chest size. It's a fairly common - but not insignificant - technical alteration.


  1. I am not at all irritated by your constant irritation. I am irritated with you and hope that you will soon have this FBA thing all figured out.

  2. I hope you sort it out. I am amazed that you are trying something so difficult - you obviously like a challenge!

  3. I am irritated with you too, and frustrated that I am not more help. This FBA thing is relatively new to me as well. But I have faith that your Aha! moment will come, probably after more cursing, irritation, wine and chocolate.

  4. I swear honey, you ought to just drape it from scratch. Sometimes, working from slopers is actually a hinderance. How did you fare w/ the 'rub off?'

  5. Keep posting. This is what's going on in your life! We want to hear it.

  6. I honestly feel like I'm looking at a puzzle, it all seems so FOREIGN to me... but I know you'll make it fabulous.

  7. Are you trying to compete with my for the honor of Blog with the Most Swears? Back off, beyotch!