Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Jean Genie

The theory is that I'm going to make the Jalie jeans every sewing blogger talks about glowingly and incessantly. Thing is, I can't quite get with learning another new mega-skill (lapped zipper anyone?) in the next month. It just isn't in the cards.

But today, on arriving at the office, I realized that my Gap 1969 trouser jeans (part of the prototype line before the main line launched) had totally freakin' given up the ghost.

When it hit me that I was wearing denim with a shredded inner upper thigh, I knew it couldn't go on a minute longer. I mean, I've been distracted lately, but I'm not coarse.

I have this objective to remain fully clothed at work.

I had an agency meeting in the afternoon. You know how those people like to look cool. At lunch, I performed one of my super-hero mom acts: bought a kid's party birthday present, a new (back ordered book), a healthful lunch of leafy greens and a pair of jeans - 30 minutes start to finish - including the walk:

Gap 1969 Curvy Jeans

I threw out the old pair on my way out of the store. It was a bittersweet moment.

You know I like the 1969 line. I've bought a few pairs, but never the "curvy". In truth, I was looking for a recreation of the trouser jeans, but it was wishful thinking. These have some of the same tailored, but casual, elements. And a similar wash.

They are the only jeans I have that can be - nay must be - worn with flats. Too bad they're kind of fitted in the thigh. Attractively fitted, to be sure, but not exactly wide.

If you are 5'3" with longish legs, you can walk out of the store in the ankle-length. And, no doubt, you'll have to go down 2 sizes in order to get them to fit. Could be worse.

PS: IMO, it's not frittering when you have to replace a fraying, obscene garment in order to get away with a chic look while walking to work in flats. Boot season saved me from a purchase till now. And I suppose it's a necessity until I figure out how to make my own.

PPS: You know you're a veteran shopper when you can size up jeans and buy the first pair you see (aka the only pair you take into the change room).


  1. glad you got the replacement jeans - denim shopping has got to be my least favorite things to do!

    and i've done the whole 'eyeball a pair of jeans' and figure out it's my size on the rack...

  2. I loved those jeans. Most definitely not frittering. Congrats on finding them.xxoo

  3. Replacements are necessary. I must try some Gap jeans again I never usually have any luck with them.

  4. Wow, all that in 30 mins, what a multi tasker!

  5. I need to try these. Jeans never fit me :-(

  6. Loved the super-hero mom feat! My little sis is addicted to Gap jeans, too. She swears by them.

    Do you think it'd be easier to make a trouser-style pair of jeans? I'm thinking so b/c they don't require all the top-stitching and studs. If I ever take on jeans, that's where I'd start.

  7. All that in 1/2 hour? You are a pro! I hate it when I have to give up something that I've loved wearing for years. It's so hard to find just the right replacement. Oh - lapped zippers aren't that hard! I think they're easier than invisible zippers any day!

  8. bah1 what i'd do to go down 2 jean sizes! PURE BLISS!

  9. Sophie: There are so many things I don't like to buy - um jackets?! - but jeans, fortunately, aren't one of them.

    Bel: Do you own them? They are great!

    Kate: You should try again. The 1969 line is much better than the old line. And affordable.

    Fab: Thanks!

    Stacy: Try them!

    Sewn: I do what I can :-) I do think trouser jeans would be easier. I should start with that type.

    Couture: OK, maybe the lapped zipper isn't as bad as the invisible - which I don't like either!

    J: It's as easy as walking into the Gap, honey!