Friday, October 2, 2009

What I Wore

Here's what I wore for dinner out at Steen and Nicole's on a pissing-with-rain Saturday night:

Dress: Some unknown brand, bought on mega-sale a few years ago in Quebec City, Belt: Vintage (I Miss You), Vest: Rudsak, Unphotographed: T-Strap burgundy shoes, AA over-the-knee socks

I know, I know... Is it K or is it Stevie Nicks?? I'll let you be the judge. Say what you will, I shopped my closet and it's definitely not the same old outfit. In truth, it's easier to dress as the weather cools down. Till it gets positively frozen, I mean.


  1. I'd have to check you for platform boots before confirming you are Stevie Nicks.

  2. How does that song go

    You look glam is that frock = )

  3. The vest is so awesome. The current weather is the best time for dressing, I think. I always look forward to this time of the year for that fact. I'm such a dork!

  4. As Rachel Zoe would say, that fur vest is bananas!

  5. Not enough shredded lace for Stevie ... but Stevie-level glam for sure!

  6. The vest as you guys call it is brilliant - it matches your hair.

    And please lets see the leggings! I'm still loving mine

  7. Is there a handkerchief hem you're hiding? ;-) I'm not a fan of Ms. Nicks' style, so believe me when I say that I like this very much!

  8. Who cares? Your hair and that fur! Oh my! I love it!

  9. Oh man, it's pissing down here too and it's...erm, pissing me off. I had big (ok, moderate) garden plans for the long weekend...

    Anyway, to the point! Very Stevie. You look awesome!

  10. this is definitely the best time of year for fashion. love the fur!

  11. oh it's fabulous! That vest is to die for and I LOVE your hair!!!!

  12. I dunno, did you try to sniff coke up your wang before you went out? xx

  13. Wendy: That's where I lost it.

    April: Ha. Thank you doll.

    Tessa: Merci!

    Y: You are not a dork. You are a Canadian girl! I completely support your perspective.

    Belle: Hilarious!

    Sal: It's true. You know, I don't own any lace. Hmmm.

    Kate: I should have taken a photo. I was rather glamourous in them! I mean, they fell into the "break out of the rut" category I'm going for.

    Miss C: No handkerchief hem! And thank you for your compliment.

    E: Thank you! I specially got my hair to match my fur :-)

    Iris: Hope the weather is beautiful spring now. Thanks...

    Pink: Thank you. And I totally concur...

    Maegan: YOU love MY hair Ms. Gorgeous Tresses! Wow :-)

    Hammie: I know it's only Monday, but I suspect you win comment of the week! :-)

  14. I love that vest!!!!!
    You look fantastic.... but I would like to have seen the shoes...


  15. This is so cool, and way more glam than Stevie Nicks.

  16. Seeker: I'll show the shoes next time!

    Mardel: Why thank you. I'll take that compliment!