Saturday, October 24, 2009

My Kind of Androgyny

Well played...



    this is pretty much how i'd like to dress every day...and her cuffed trousers look very similar to a linen pair i have by steven alan! :)

  2. I gotta say, I have no desire to look androgynous. None. Zip. Zero. Zilch. I am all woman :-)

  3. i've been leaning toward androgynous fashion lately -- thanks for the validation :)

  4. I think you could make this outfit look sexy and feminine.

  5. How interesting.... the other day I dressed a bit similar.


  6. Miss Sophie: I love your look!

    E: I bet you would pull it off fantastically.

    Wendy: What with the boobs, this really doesn't work for me either. But I enjoy when others make it happen!

    LLG: It's great, non?

    Jill: Ah, I guess we can all thank the Sart for the validation :-)

    Bel: That's sweet. I don't think so but it's nice to have the vote of confidence.

    Janet: I know...

    Seeker: I bet you looked terrific!

  7. Little did I know...

    One of the things I like to do w/ my 15yo daughter is hang out a bookstores. We chat and read over hot beverage and relax. Just last week I found myself sitting in an aisle next to her while she looked over hairstyles for her "new do." In front of me was a weird titled book. I asked her if she knew what that meant. She didn't. I pulled the book to investigate. What the hell could a "The Sartorialist" be about...

    That was my introduction. and here you are.

  8. Pink: It is!

    J: Moi aussi...

    Jason: Ha! You have to tell me if you bought the book...