Monday, October 26, 2009

Ski Bum Living

Oh look, it's some long windows with yellow-glowy light. I wonder why I'm attracted to this gorgeous place. :-) I suppose it could be the ski mountain in the background.

Photo courtesy of DesiretoInspire

So tell me, does this kind of place do it for you?


  1. Nooooooo! I'm a beach person :-)

  2. Looks beautiful even though I hate skiing.

  3. Nope. Just a reminder that winter is coming. I'd probably have a different view if I knew how to ski or snowboard.

  4. Get out of my way, I am moving in.

  5. as long as the utilities are included in the rent and not metered, yes. xx

  6. Yes! I will take it. In my dream world I would prefer a little more rustic look on the outside and the light for me is best when it looks like it is coming from a fireplace. But I am not complaining, I will take it as is.

  7. I hurt myself twice, laid up for months each time, gained weight from being laid up... sore I would never do it again... but I think I'll do the bunny slope next time.. can I import this here?

  8. Dr. M: I know. It's the next best thing to a pool!

    Wendy: See above :-)

    Janet: I think the skiing is optional.

    Seeker: Isn't it??

    Raven: And there you are, so close to the good snow!

    E: Finally - the reaction I was looking for :-)

    Hammie: It's free. Trust me :-)

    Miss C: I guess it takes you back...

    Bel: You stole my very thoughts! I agree but I'm into it anyway. I imagine the little ski village off to the right :-)

    April: I remember that. OK, you can live here and watch others ski while cooking!

  9. oh this looks so cosy, even though i hate the snow. i would have to stay inside & admire from the warmth

  10. Pink: IMO, there's nothing like a warm home on a cold night.