Saturday, September 19, 2009


Based on how entirely irritated I am by TIFF, Toronto's artistic "claim to fame", I can only guess that I'd want to hurt everyone all the time, were I to reside in NYC or LA. Seriously, if I see one more up-and-coming actor, pallid hipster, woman of a certain age with fanny pack or red carpet line up I'm going to throw something. And I've been avoiding Yorkville!

In university, I worked the main box office of the Festival (as it was then called) before it was computerized. Lord, that was one hostile environment. People who have queued for 5 hours - only to discover that they didn't get any of their top 10 choices - usually aren't so friendly. That used to happen constantly.

Having said all this, yesterday I had to go to Holt's to return a recently-purchased mascara that seemed off. While I was there, this envy-inducingly wealthy out-of-towner (you know the chichi travel shoppers by their exuberant brand of extravagance) spent $300.00 on Chanel products. That was in addition to the 6 other (big) HR shiny pink shopping bags on the floor beside her. I should mention that, unlike international women of means, I have no business in Holt's. The sales assistant sensed this, to my chagrin.

I found myself wishing to be a chichi rich American on holiday during TIFF on a shopping break between lunch and an afternoon show.

So I did what all good reachers do; I bought nail polish.

Really expensive nail polish.

Note that I do have nice nails, if I say so myself, though they never even see the likes of OPI because I'm usually too cheap to buy anything that doesn't come from the Revlon sale bin.

Mind you, I've been lusting after matte grey varnish since I saw it in a magazine last month. And Revlon doesn't make it!?

Just finished applying it / letting it dry and I have to say that it goes on so much better than the cheap crap. Is it possible, with nail polish, you get what you pay for?

I do love this new colour and I feel Parisian wearing it. Whatcha say - would you wear dark grey nails? Would you pay $24.00 CDN for the enjoyment?


  1. OH how I love that color! I might have to look for it. I don't mind expensive nail polish if it goes on well and lasts a bit. I don't expect a lot, I am very hard on my polish.

    That said I like being a tourist and shopping, although I couldn't manage 6 bags worth at HR, I could indulge in the cosmetics counter. I do however find the rich and/or beautiful people/celebrity scene wears very thin very quickly. I have major issues with that segment of the population that seems totally out of touch with life as most humans live it. Makes me want to throw things, and I am not usually the throwing type.

    Perhaps I should stop dreaming of living in NYC.

  2. yes, expensive stuff does apply better from my experience but doesn't mean it'd last longer though....

  3. I'm not big on nail polish. Partly, because I work with my hands. And I can never get the polish on nice and smooth. But lately, I've had a craving to wear dark mettalic blue. I can't find that in the drugstore. So now I'm considering a higher end brand. Which is crazy cuz I've never paid for pricey polish before. But if you it goes on better, that's an added incentive.

  4. Oh, I must try this! And indeed, expensive nail polish is much, much better than a drugstore brand (or a house brand at a makeup emporium).

  5. I think the nail polish looks like fun. You certainly deserved something for schlepping to return a mascara!

  6. I have to agree with your first commenter-- it does wear VERY thin and gets old so quick.. like disillusioning ourselves into thinking we'll find friends like SATC lol

    I bet that polish is as expensive as OPI here $20?

  7. Ha! We are probably banned from the TIFF forever since my husband told the head selector dude to "Respectfully, go and get fucked" a few years ago.

  8. it's a beautiful colour. i'm quite partial to chanel nail varnish, i can hardly get into my refrigerator for them!

  9. I totally would...the color is amazing :) I will have to check it out!

  10. Mardel: I guess the point is to dream of being a rich tourist in NYC :-) You should totally try this nail polish, fyi.

    Songy: You are totally right. It's already wearing off.

    Raven: You should do it. It's a small indulgence in the scheme of things.

    Miss C: They also have this gorgeous taupe colour.

    Wendy: I agree! And the mascara wasn't off - it just smells terrible (checked a whole bunch of other tubes with the SA). So it had to go back.

    April: So glad to see you. I've tried to comment on your new post but I had a bit of difficulty... I can't believe how expensive everything is in Japan.

    Skye: I love this comment. You can come and watch movies at my house. We're equally as cool :-)

    Pink: I've always wondered about the Chanel polish. They do have the richest colours. Maybe I'll have to try that next.

    Marta: Let me know what you think when you try it...

  11. Yes, I would pay that and now I'm considering trying this grey out. I love expensive nail polish. I hardly ever use it and so when I remember my Chanel "pirate", it feels oh so decadent.

  12. E8: They have a brown that I'm totally wanting also - like a taupe. Now that I've gone pricey, and seen the quality of the colours and application, I don't think I'm going back.