Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I <3 Montreal Theme Week: Le Germain

My phone camera kind of let me down here - which is too bad because the Germain has just updated its rooms - and they are really fine.

The website, while vaguely irritating, has some lovely, professional-style photos to review.

We stayed in a deluxe room with king sized bed - which managed to be large enough for the 3 of us with room to spare. Like 200 sq. ft. to spare. I wished I'd brought my yoga kit (though I improvised, you'll be happy to know). One must, after walking up mountains all day. (And eating all night.)

The service, location and atmosphere in this place means it's money well-spent. We used to stay here years ago (but the former room design, while nice, made everything feel very small). Our regular place was all booked up so we ended up back here and, gotta say, I think it will be my new regular place (as long as they continue to offer room rate specials / reasonable $ - the regular rates can be steep).

Here's a view of the bathroom (shower) visible from the bedroom - don't worry the blinds close:

M made me promise to post a pic of the mini-bar, which she loved, though did not sample from:

I needed to show the closet, because I really like closets:

The sitting area:

The king sized bed (M got her own cot):


  1. That's very nice and airy-looking. My sister and I stayed in a room one time that had blinds that opened onto the bathroom, and that was pretty cool. It made the room feel/seem bigger.

  2. Ooo, love the bed. & the window into the bathroom is interesting.

  3. I want that bed now! Or at least sleep in it now...

  4. You can't keep me away from a minibar. It simply can't be done.

  5. Looks really pretty and restful . . .

  6. What lovely accomodations, darling!


  7. Lovely. I hope you are having an excellent time.

  8. Phone camera or not.. the digs, they are simply "off-the-hook"!

  9. I've really enjoyed this series of Montreal posts. I lived there for many years but have not been back in a very long time. I remember going to the Atwater market every Saturday and I think it's one of the greatest markets anywhere.


  10. E: I totally agree. I once read a post on Decorno that showed one of the rooms at the Germain and asked for opinions about the bathroom window. 99% of the readers LOATHED it.

    Ambika: Ha - see my comment to E. Are you secretly sitting on the fence about the bathroom window?

    Bel: That's what M thought too!

    Kate: It was ridiculously comfortable. Stupidly.

    Wendy: You are obvs made of cash, honey! :-) We don't let M touch it for fear that every chocolate bar will be gone in 20 seconds.

    Miss C: Very...

    CC: Thank you.

    Stacey: So been and gone. Sniff.

    April: I imagine you to be a very chic-traveller sort :-)

    Christine: Thank you so much for your comment. I loved that market like you can't believe. I felt nostalgic while walking through it - knowing that I'd be remembering it for a long time to come. I wonder what it would be like in the winter though. Scary, I suppose. Mind you, we can just wear our parkas, yes?