Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Achilles Heel

Club Monaco Italian Cashmere Collection

It's Italian and it's cashmere. How I haven't run off to Club Monaco to buy the whole freakin' line is beyond me. And though I've been back twice, to check out the gorgeous long sweater / short tunic with pockets (circled above), I've resisted so far. Cuz the only thing better than getting cashmere is getting it for less than the original price of $169.00.

Let me be the first to say that, if I didn't already own so much cashmere it's obnoxious - or so much grey that it's verging on black - I would snap this baby up at retail. The price is by no means unreasonable for the quality.

The colour is very soft and flattering, the Vneck so plunging as to necessitate a cami (unless you are flat as a board and nervy). And it fits like a glove, hovering against every delightful curve and rendering each more delightful still.

Lord, I seem to be talking myself into this. Stop it. Now.
Somebody please go out and buy it and send a photo. I appear to have a problem...


  1. I lingered over, and stroked, and stroked, some of these pieces over the weekend. What has stopped me so far is remembering what happened to a Club Monaco tissue-thin cashmere V-neck sweater several years ago -- it only made it through one winter before it started to pill severely. I'm a knitter and know how to wash and look after delicate knits, so the problem wasn't at my end. A GF had a similar problem with hers, and took it back a year later, and at least the store was good enough to give her store credit for it. Still, I'm now a bit leery of their cashmere, although after ogling this collection, I'm talking myself into believing they've upped their quality. . .

  2. Oh just give up. Why fight the double-whammy of cashmere and CM? ;)

  3. Grey and cashmere. There is never too much grey or too much cashmere. Cub Monaco I have little experience with as I have to go elsewhere to find it.

  4. That sounds like my kind of V-neck. And you know, no cami for me!

  5. tee hee! i think you have to get this. you are in LOVE with it! :)

  6. Why oh why did you show me this!
    Not only is Club Monaco one of my favorite local shops a dangerous block away from my office. But, I love all gray scale clothes, from dove to charcoal, and I have a closet full of them, in spite of the fact that I look totally washed out in that color.
    Now if CN just had the cashmere in navy blue....

  7. well, if you find it on sale you HAVE to get it. Have you done a post showcasing all your cashmere? lol you should!

  8. You know, I own no cashmere. Your addiction makes me think I need to change that.

  9. I'm a sucker for them too but also no cami. The Gap merino wool ones I saw yesterday spoke to me and I will go back and get one!

  10. I would like to cast my vote FOR plunging necklines in cashmere sweaters.

  11. Rats! I have no Jcrew longings, but now I have Club Monaco ones. And, thanks to Kate, I want to go to the Gap too.

  12. cashmere & me just dont get along. i destroy it after 2 wears.

  13. materfamilias: Thanks for this alternate perspective. WendyB has issues with the quality of CM also (I haven't had that experience but maybe I've just been lucky?) At any rate, anything that keeps me from spending all my money there is good, yes? :-)

    Sal: You are evil! :-)

    Mardel: I wonder if you'd like it if you could find it. But cashmere anywhere you find it is alright by me!

    Thank you CC!

    Wendy: This one is almost rock star low!

    J: I. Must. Resist.

    Belle: Further to my email, they have some lovely blue hues at my CM...

    Me Melodia: You mean the ones I don't snatch out of your hands! :-)

    Maegan: On sale, all bets are off!!! And I should do a showcase of my cashmere. I may have done one a couple of years ago when I just started blogging. It's a bad sign when you can't remember.

    Fab: I hope you have CM in England!

    Ambika: What are you waiting for???

    Kate: Can't wait to see photos...

    D.: I know a couple of other guys who might agree with you :-)

    Bel: I'm sorry - sort of :-) (Cashmere is the new pony!)

    ~h: What a misery. You'll have to go with other, equally lovely, less destructible knits!

    E: I know. They have these great camis that would show off your arms so well!!