Friday, April 10, 2009

My Garden in the City: Phase 3

If you are one of the 23 people who was reading this blog last spring, you may remember this post. It was preceded by a couple of others heralding phase 2 of the garden project. Ah, those were heady times...

I was very pleased with the results of last summer's landscaping (there was some hardscaping too i.e. a new deck and a path) but this summer we tie it all together.

On the agenda:
  • New tree (honey locust) to replace the weed tree we have loved for its shade but loathed for its general weediness. More to the point, it has a brick growing into the trunk (long story) and it's ceased being safe as it continues to grow.
  • Patio in the back third of the garden - the gated fence allows a car in on the rare occasions when we need to park one there, otherwise it will act as a natural, flat surface for new furniture (yes, that's phase 4, next summer).
  • Modern pergola (sort of like the one pictured below) with built-in benches and sconce lighting. This is the $$ wildcard.

This is not my pergola - yet
  • Rose bushes and climbing hydrangea to round out beds beside the pergola
All of this is slated to occur between now and the end of May.

The part of me that doesn't want to spend money is at serious odds with the part of me that really wants an awesome backyard.

I'm going with the "raise the property value" argument on this one. Photos to follow as things change.


  1. Hey, you found a pergola! I like it. This is quite an ambitious list you've got going here. I can't wait to see the end result. And the old raising the property value argument. It's one of my favorites =) By the way, why aren't we linked up? I'm going to remedy that right now. Have a good weekend.

  2. Ambitious love love hydrangea...keep us posted!
    Love your new "me" picture.

  3. This looks fabulous darling!!! OH I am so jealous.. man is that on top of your roof in a town home? OH... look at that view.. I can not wait to see the finished results.

  4. Right Bank: I've linked to you too now. And I know it is a rather adventurous plan. But at least it's outside!

    Tessa: Will do. Definitely.

    GJ: I sooo didn't mean to mislead - this is not my backyard by a long shot. And that is not the landscape of Toronto - by an even longer long shot. Regrettably. See the linked post for a look at my backyard - with one of the most pitiful "natural" views ever.

  5. Think about doing your garden as a way of decorating your house - you will enjoy your new room even more when it's the way you want it!

  6. Opps... I am so sorry, I was so WOOHOO at reading your post (well looking at the photo I did not read it thoroughly)-- None the less... look at that fabulous pathway... I LOVE it, you could have your own private oasis.

  7. Oh I love the pergola and can't wait to see what happens. I just looked back at your progress and it looks very encouraging.

    I was just contemplating a pergola and might keep that image in mind as it must be fairly contemporary. But it won't be this year or perhaps next, as the front walk I planned to put in this year is being put off another year. I just can't face it with the general economy and just having recovered from the expense of a multi-year deck project that ended last fall. I thought the little skinflint inside me would be ready by now, but it looks like a little more hibernation is in order.

  8. Monkey: So nice to know you miss me!

    Imogen: I know it's true. But it's hard to get with the cost in the abstract. And I just discovered some water damage / plaster issue in a very old part of my house. More $$$!

    GJ: Thank you. I'm going with the private oasis argument!

    Mardel: Thanks for your great comment. I'd love to see photos of the deck. Those multi-year projects, while so satisfying in the end, can really take it out of you. All the waiting... Check back to see photos of our pergola as it goes in.

  9. How about - what you will enjoy?

    Surely that is enough. Food doesnt have to add value to a person, Clothes don't have to (unless you are charging by the hour??)

    so why not design the backgarden that will give you pleasure?

  10. H: Of course, that's the best argument. And I'm sure I'm going to love it. Show us some photos of your garden!