Friday, May 13, 2016

Can You See A Pattern Here?

The benefits of pattern-surfing can tell the story of one's current sense of style.

Theoretically, I could make any of these purportedly simple projects using fabric I already own:

Named Kielo Wrap Dress
I'd definitely shorten this above the knee, and make it in a knit.

Papercut Patterns Bowline Sweater
Sure, I've got a lot of tops that already work this asymmetrical angle (ha!) but who can't use another?

StyleArc Jessica Dress
This one is cute but runs the risk of being bulky at the twist and I don't know that it would be the most flattering .

StyleArc Pamela Dress
Interestingly, I own a rayon that would probably work well with the Pamela Dress (it calls for a stretch woven).

Special mention goes to the Toni Dress, for which I have a decided soft-spot, despite the fact that this dress is very "of a style" (and that style's name is science-fiction hippie). The likelihood that this would be VERY difficult to fit on me is high. I mean, if the shoulders are drafted wide or long, I'd pretty well have to start from scratch. And that collar could go all kinds of wrong...:

StyleArc Toni Dress
Of course, I also have a bunch of appropriate patterns in my stash which, according to Felicia, I might be using in lieu of online shopping. While I completely agree with her in her latest (really interesting) post, that window shopping catalyzes desire, not gratitude, I find it hard to begrudge the activity when it comes to pdf patterns. I mean, yes, this activity may have derailed me from using patterns that I already own, but it's also sparked my current creativity and it allows me to connect with things anew. I'm not necessarily in the same mood today as I was six months ago when I bought my last batch of patterns. I don't have to pay (or use resources) to ship these and they take up veritably no space (unless I use them). Not to mention that it allows me to support independent creative business owners. (Update: Apparently, the Pamela Dress isn't available in pdf...)

So these are some things I'm thinking of making up. Any preferences?


  1. I love the Named wrap dress, and want you to make it because it's pretty much the exact opposite of what I need in a functional garment but I love it so much and I want to see someone looking good in it... not that I'm making this all about me or anything! :)

  2. Ha! Well that's a definitive response :-) It does seem incredibly "icing" vs. "cake" but sometimes these patterns can be really easy to wear. And it's kind of Grecian! My only concern is that the knot might make me look pregnant because my waist is about 1/2 the length of the model's. Also, heard that this company designs for long waists. But still, that's no reason not to consider it...

  3. I love your taste, I want to make all of these myself now. I like the Toni best but I have a small doubt about the length; mid calf can be dicey.

    1. Why thank you - and I love yours! The Toni, much though I love it, is probably best for a tall person with wide shoulders. I worry that on a small frame, unless the fitting is perfect, it would look comical.

  4. The Pamela!! I'm heart-eyeing the shit out of that pattern! You need to make it! Surely they'll release it in PDF form soon...?

  5. I vote for the Named dress, because it'll be easy to adapt with your sloper... ad you can always tie it in the back if you want! Knee length and in a knit for sure. I also love the Toni! It'll be good with knit accessories!

    1. Well, it has no sleeves and it's a really interesting design. I'm a bit worried about whether the bust dart will work and will the vertical dimensions be a problem. But no harm in buying it and having a look at the situation. And it is a very elegant dress.