Sunday, February 14, 2016

Bust the Stash: Finished Object 6 - Kindling Mitts 2

I realize that these mitts look almost exactly the same as the last pair I made, like 2 ago:

Kindling Mitts 2 (made of Quince Chickadee)
Here they are, slightly overexposed, so that the cables show up clearly....
Yeah, they're both navy blue, if different shades, but that's where the similarities end. This pair is made in Quince Chickadee whereas the other pair was made of Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino (a blend of microfibre, merino and cashmere). The Cashmerino is a remnant from years ago. It's a very slim, super soft, sport-weight yarn and it stretches a lot on washing (I believe it's super wash). The Quince is its polar opposite in many ways. It's made of a robust sport-weight yarn (more like a DK). It shrinks like a bitch if you try to wash and dry it. It is definitely not super wash. It's a crisper, springier, thicker yarn than the Cashmerino.

I really enjoy both of these yarns and I intend to keep one pair of these, though which I can't yet say. I love the soft delicateness of the Cashmerinos but the Quince pair is likely going to be warmer given that it's thicker and given the way the yarn is spun.

Yeah, I agree. These are the problems to have.

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