Sunday, January 3, 2016

Work In Progress: KNUS Sweater (2)

The only happy thing I can say about the KNUS (which is more like a choke hold than a gentle hug - the very definition of the word "knus") is that it's facilitated my binge-watch of The Fall while drinking Grand Marnier. Ever seen it? Egad! It's an English crime drama starring Gillian Anderson. Lord, I love that woman. She's like the American version of Kate Winslet. And talk about the hottest serial killer ever. I don't know who that guy is but he's not hard to look at.

At any rate, here's progress to date:

This is a view of the right side of the back sweater (foreground) with the wrong side of the front sweater below it. The front upper back is that triangular expansion from above the line of the back sweater. I'm about to start knitting the back sweater to exactly the same proportions as the front. The cast on edge of the wings represents the front armhole.
I don't love how uneven the fabric looks, though I am confident, with blocking, it's going to even out. Again, you can see the lifeline about 4 inches from the bottom of the sweater, that ridge with black strings hanging from the left edge.

This represents about half of my yarn (or 500 yards). I do believe I'll make it with the 1000 yards I purchased. After working the expanded triangles (from the base of the sweater - or under bust bodice), one reconnects them in the round and then knits the yoke.

It's just fucking endless, all of this K1P1.

Here's a stock pic of the finished sweater for reference:

Do you see how the bodice widens into the armholes? Well that's the part I'm knitting right now. You can see how the slender, tall model is wearing a version without waist shaping. As you can tell, from my photo above, I've given the bodice an hourglass shape. We're destined to see if that's a good or bad idea.

Let me just say, it would be so horrible to finish this thing and find that it's hideous. My fingers are blue/green from dye and they're feeling the workout of working on dense fabric.

Of course, it could be a massive hit - but I'm not inclined to get overly optimistic just yet.


  1. Fingers crossed it comes out well if its not fun to knit! The hot serial killer from the fsll is jamie dornan, he of 50 shades of absolute crap fame. He is lovely to look at (and listen to) but involvement in thqt rubbish makes me like him just a little bit less

    1. See comment below for how I discovered they're the same guy. I can't believe he agreed to do 50 Shades when he already had a gig. That is not a movie I'd want defining my early career. But he wore those suits so perfectly in that crap film. It was almost worth watching for the suit porn.

  2. Killer in The Fall is lead character in 50 shades of grey. Creepy dude.

    1. Believe it or not, I watched 50 Shades at the beginning of the hols (it was not a premeditated thing - it just happened, she says embarrassed). I DID NOT realize they were the same guy until my kid came into the room and told me - needless to say after I wrote this post.

      I'll admit I found him just as hot in 50 Shades but he isn't choosing the best roles.