Monday, January 4, 2016

Now That's More Like It

Today, the first working day of the new year, we awoke to winter conditions. Not surprising. It was minus 14C and windy. But it was also BRIGHT. Brighter than it's been in about a month. I have to say I was strangely buoyed by it all. We've been living in this weird winter bubble for the past 2 months and I knew it was bound to give. At least it gave in the most pleasant of winter styles. But man, I'm worried for the plants.

Today was a day in which I wore homemade wool socks under the boots, technical cashmere under the Ca Va de Soi cardigan. A cashmere scarf on top of the cardi and a fur on top of that. Then there were the hats and gloves. It was a production.

Look, I'm sure this is going to get very old if it lingers, but right now it's ok. And apparently, because of el nino, we're destined for a warmer winter than average, even if the early freak show is shutting down. I'll take it.

I'm about to eat I've just eaten - in approximately 5 minutes - a stupidly gorgeous dinner. The main: a pork roast with apple, wild boar and pecan stuffing, prepared by my (famous) butcher up the block. The much beloved side was baked potatoes. I scooped out the potato flesh and mashed it with Boursin, lots of butter, salt and pepper. Then I put the filling back in the jackets for mushy deliciousness.

It's hard to justify this kind of meal in May. But in the first week of January, it's just the thing.

Oh, and to make everything a bit less drab, I did a bit of post-Xmas shopping. Not on sale, natch. That would have been too perfect.

Kit and Ace York Pant - $148.00 CDN
These pants actually have an insert cell-phone pocket (like I'm going running in wool pants?) and they're hella comfortable. Look like pants, feel like leggings. And the length is perfect for those of us who aren't tall. Were you tall, these would be floods.

I'm really hooked on Kit and Ace, though I'm vaguely embarrassed to admit it. The fabrics are gorgeous and tactile (in my fave way), the design is minimal. The fit is modern - and comfortable. Really chic but also good for a day when you'll be working for 12 hours. The workmanship is excellent. And it's a Canadian brand.

So that's my day. Thoughts or feelings?


  1. Oh man, there was a moment during yard duty today when I started losing sensation in my chin and lips and thought, "shit, this is going to be frostbite son ehough." Then the bell rang - but picture -18, totally flat farmland with absolutely nothing to stop the wind... and of course, underdressed children running around with only a hoodie or even (gasp!) a girl with bare legs! I might need to buy myself snowpants for that 20 min a week. It's brutal! On the other hand, you are right - the sun was LOVELY! I missed the sun!

    1. What is it with these children and the near nakedness?? I had to freak on my kid to get her to wear something warm. She refused gloves and a hat.

      I walked to work (40 min) so I totally understand you about the cold. But I didn't have to stand still with nothing to block the wind. That must have been a long freakin' 20 minutes.

  2. We got down below 40F for, like, two whole weeks!

    And I'm really intrigued by Kit & Ace. Tempted even...

  3. Do the York Pants fit full-length on you? The listed inseam online is only 27", which would hit just below my ankle but not quite full-length if they were jeans. But I haven't figured out my perfect pants or leggings inseam yet.