Monday, August 17, 2015

Get Your Knickers in a Twist: Scantilly by Curvy Kate

I've been meaning to mention a new lingerie brand (not that I'm all about promoting sub-brands of other brands that have never much worked for me): Scantilly by Curvy Kate.

Hear me out. Lots o' ladies love the erotic lingerie but can't for the life of them find it, what with being sized out of Agent Provocateur and totally disenchanted by the shit you find at sex shops.

Lingerie blogger - and Curvy Kate fan - Sophie has done an informative post on the new line (which includes photos of models wearing the first offerings). Alas, (as is so often the way), the lingerie doesn't optimally fit the models in all cases (In one photo, the bad fit actually looks painful!) No mind, you can still get a sense of what you think of the product on real, if gorgeous, people by clicking on the link.

As for the photos on the website, I can't say that the retro styling does anything for me, but I'm keeping an open mind about the loot:

This is the Peek A Boo set with backless undies. Hilariously, Scantilly calls backless undies "bare faced briefs".

I do think there's lots of potential here to fill a niche in the market that has been utterly overlooked.

But I'm curious to know your thoughts. Does this appeal? Would you buy it (it's not expensive but it's more pricey than the everyday CK line)? Do share your opinions.


  1. Now that (post-baby) I'm part of that niche... I've really had a hard time with bras and feel like there is little fun once you add a larger cup size AND nursing (so no underwire). If post-nursing I stay this size or near to it, then I would definitely give it a try. The bras look fun but also functional - like you could actually wear them under clothing and not just in your boudoir. As for the panties, does anyone really find butt cracks sexy?

  2. You know that you can wear an underwire when breastfeeding - as long as it's on the soft side and it fits the breasts well (not too small). Of course, many women prefer not to for comfort or concern but "they've" shown that, if the wires fit, milk supply isn't impacted. Having said that, I don't know that the phase you're in (even though it's quite short, in the scheme of things) is overly conducive to the sexy lingerie. :-) More power to you for considering it.

    I do think the bras could be worn under regular clothing - which is great - but I'm as much into stuff that can't really be worn under clothing as that which can. So I feel Scantilly could do with a little less coverage in some of those bras (though I understand what they're going for).

    And I love those undies! I think they make the entire outfit. So I guess I find but cracks sexy - but when you put it like that, it does sound weird :-)

    BTW, apparently, the lure of push-up cleavage is that it is reminiscent of the shape of the derriere. So I think there are some who do find it sexy, even if it's unconscious.

  3. i once had the hilarious experience of going to a burlesque theater in Times Square in NYC when that area was still gritty. those backless panties immediately brought that night back to mind. i don't think of them as sexy or sexless or cheap, only unsanitary and uncomfortable and cold in the winter. definitely indoor wear.

    1. That experience sounds fab! And those undies are DEF indoor wear. No question :-)