Tuesday, August 4, 2015

A Bunch of Disparate Things

In the interests of fact-sharing, allow me to present the following:
  • Scott bought me this vase and it is perfection:

 Alas, it doesn't photograph for shit but trust me, it's lovely.
  • On the topic of my calf tear, it's still sore and tight, but it's much improved. I know that pops (which I felt and heard?!) are generally associated with level 3 tears but, unless I have a ridiculously high pain tolerance, I can't possibly be experiencing that degree of injury. Yeah it was very painful and I couldn't put weight on my leg for a day. But there has been no visible swelling. Admittedly, I've been managing this injury extremely proactively. I've done resting and elevating and icing and stretching and myofascial massaging (with handmade arnica salve) and lightly stressing. I've meditated on its dissolution.  I'm drinking tons of water. I find it hilarious that I have a runner's injury. Honestly, if there is one thing I NEVER do it's sprint. My girlfriend, who has experienced this in both calves over the last 2 months - also for the first time - says it's age. Um, that has to be wrong. I'm sorry, but I'm not old enough for this decrepitude! I have an appointment with my chiropractor who does active release. Till then, I'll continue to watch and be deliberate but, so far so good.
  • I found a black Empreinte bra online for 60 CDN (including shipping and after currency exchange). That's about a quarter of what it would cost me most places. This technically means I have 3 bra reviews in the works. The next two are about bras that fit. I'll let you know how the Empreinte works when I receive it. One thing's for sure, if it doesn't fit me, I will sell it. These bras really retain their value, especially with tags. 
  • I'm back to where I had to rip back from, weekend before last, on the cowl sweater:

Not the most shapely thing at the moment but we'll have to see... I do think that my tension looks alright (for an unblocked stockinette tube). Generally, I pride myself on even tension. Certainly this isn't my opus on that front, but you'd have to have seen it before I put hours into moving those stitches around. It looks pretty good when compared with that.

So that's where I'm at. What's up with you? Are you crafting? Any new things (bras, homewares) you wanna brag about? Let's talk!


  1. Knitting looking good! Hope your ouchie leg heals quick.

  2. Hope your leg feels better soon! I screwed up my ankle twice in the last couple of weeks, the second time because I was impatient and didn't wait for it to fully heal before resuming normal "mother of a toddler" duties. Stupid, stupid, stupid. Don't do that!

    Cut out the pieces for my next attempt at the Shelley last night--if it works this time, you might look into that pattern for yourself, since IIRC, we're pretty close to the same size, though maybe not *quite* the same shape. I'll let you (and everyone else, ha!) know. :-)

    1. I totally hear you about not overdoing it. That is definitely a risk I'm managing. But thank you for the reminder! And it's a cute pattern. I considered it when I saw your post. Thing is, I can scarcely justify more pattern purchases at the moment :-)

  3. The colour and shape of that case, perfection. I suspect the finish takes it close to sublime but it's hard to tell in the photos.
    Would IMS work on your calf? I find it really great in many circus, as applied by my fabulous RMT. Sounds as if you're managing the injury really wisely and pro-actively

    1. It's so delightfully, slightly off! But not in any way that upsets my sense of order :-) I think the calf is healing nicely on its own (with my relentless "care"). Yoga is so useful for this kind of injury - if you know what you're trying to achieve. But you know I consider all the alternatives, as required.