Friday, July 10, 2015

User Experience

Hey y'all - travel was 16 hours in the end - to get from freakin' Ireland?! - but, man, gotta love melatonin for jet lag. It's amazing and I'm functioning (if not yet optimally), so woohoo!

BTW, on a totally unrelated note, just want to let you know - if ever you order from the Etsy shop and have any issues (of any kind), please do notify me immediately. My job is to ensure that you feel completely happy with your CURIO purchases. A recent reviewer received my serum with a spray closure instead of the appropriate pump closure - no doubt because I was running around like a chicken and I made a mistake. Vendor error isn't laudable but it does happen occasionally and I could have remedied the matter instantly with quick feedback. I feel just terrible that I couldn't manage a suboptimal experience - of which I was the cause - because I didn't know about it!

At any rate, I see a check list in my future for improved quality control.

I care tremendously about this venture - about the skin care I'm selling and about your client experience. So please, when necessary, let's communicate!

PSA over and out. And really, next up, bras.

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